Paragraph 5

Paragraph 5

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In the acute health care environment, everything is rapidly changing in part due to increasing patient safety, acuity, staff shortages, and decrease length of hospital stays. It is because of evidence-based research, that nurses can use the safest and most evidence-based practice in their daily routine to help keep our patients as safe as possible. At my work, falls are the most common and often the most preventable adverse component of our acute hospital care. Down it the emergency room, it us up to us nurses to identify any and all patients that pose a fall risk and implement the evidence-based practices to ensure their safety. We put a fall risk wristband on fall risk patients in the emergency room and escort the patients to the restroom using a wheelchair. It is important the we stay with those patients during the entire transfer back to their beds due to some being stubborn and not willing to use the bathroom call bed with finished to get the necessary help back onto the wheelchair from the toilet. Once these patients are admitted to the hospital, they are assigned a bed on a different unit where their bed will have an alarm on it in the case the patients tries to self ambulate. It is evidence-based practice that when using alerting other staff members with the fall wristband and having a bed alarm, this reduces the amount of falls in the workplace. Evidence –based quality improvement framework has been implemented in the workplace to address patient safety needs.

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