Respond 3 (Marianela Gomez)

Respond 3 (Marianela Gomez)

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In today’s society, several professional nursing organizations provide support to the nursing practice all around the world. These organizations are crucial to the developments that the nursing practice is undergoing through support and advocacy. Some of these organizations provide financial support to nurse to assist in their further education while other organizations advocate for their rights in the practice. The American Nurse Association for instance has a mission statement that reads “Nurses advancing our profession to improve health for all” (Helbig, 2018). This organization is determined to help Registered Nurses succeed in the profession with little to no hindrance. ANA achieves professional accountability through, putting in place qualifications into the practice, incorporating a sophisticated credentialing system, and creating room for improvements (Helbig, 2018). By working together with the American Nurses Credentialing Center, the ANA has managed to ensure nurses are fully equipped with the right skills to ensure patient safety is maintained at all times.

Nurses who are members of such organizations are well represented as the organization carries forward their complaints to the relevant authorities. A nurse stands a better chance of having her case heard if at all she is represented by such professional organizations than when she is on her own. Nurses should join such professional organizations that are determined to ensure nurses’ rights are not violated at any point.


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