Topic 5 DQ 2

Topic 5 DQ 2

Please Respond to the following post with a paragraph, add citations and references.


I feel labor and delivery is an area where statistics are used inappropriately. Cesarean section rates are a big percentage that is always talked about. According to the CDC, in New Mexico in 2016, the cesarean section rate was 24.8%. This is a very vague statistic because scheduled and repeat cesarean sections are often not included in these statistics. This skews the statistical data because a c-section is a c-section. We have had patients that choose one facility over another because of that facility’s c-section rate when it comes down to other variables such as weight, fetal position, cervical ripeness, and placental sufficiency. It is more appropriate to have an anticipated c-section rate and an unanticipated/emergent c-section rate.


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