Fetal Scalp Electrodes (FSE)

Fetal Scalp Electrodes (FSE)

When is it appropriate to use: Fetal scalp electrodes (FSE)

2. When is it appropriate to use: Intrauterine Pressure Catheters (IUPC)?

3. Can you think of some situations in which the placement of internal monitors might be contraindicated?

4. How can you distinguish between mom’s heartbeat and baby’s heartbeat?

5. If you find the signal loudest in the upper quadrants of the mom’s abdomen, what could that mean regarding the baby’s position? Fetal Scalp Electrodes (FSE)

6. If you see a fetal heart rate tracing with absent or minimal FHR variability, are you worried? Why or why not?

7. Which medical intervention is often the cause of tachysystole during labor?

8. Name a condition that could lead to fetal anemia (there are several that could fit this category and lead to a sinusoidal pattern).

9. What are some causes of fetal tachycardia?

10. When placing an epidural, what would you be most concerned with and why? Fetal Scalp Electrodes (FSE)

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1) Fetal scalp electrodes (FSE) are used to measure the electrical activity of the fetal heart. They are usually used during high-risk pregnancies when there is a concern about the baby’s heart rate. FSEs are placed on the scalp of the fetus, and the… purchase to get the full content