Amiodarone Review Paper

Amiodarone Review Paper

Review Amiodorone and answer the following questions:

  • What conditions does it treat?
  • What part of the body does it work in?
  • What symptoms are being treated?
  • What contraindications would prevent the nurse from giving this drug?
  • What nursing assessments should be performed before you give this drug?
  • What is important for the nurse to monitor after giving this type of drug?
  • What are some common adverse/side effects associated with this drug?
  • What are dangerous or serious adverse/side effects the nurse would monitor for if any?
  • What should the nurse teach the patient about these effects if applicable?
  • What should the patient watch for and report? Amiodarone Review Paper


Expert Answer

– Amiodarone is a class 3 anti arrythmic drug used. – it acts on heart by, Pottasium (mainly), calcium and sodium channel blocker along with beta1 blocker activity. – treat arrythm…    purchase to get the full content