Paragraph 2

Paragraph 2

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Quantitative research generally falls into two categories, experimental and nonexperimental. An experimental study is considered to be the gold standard of research in which it typically involves the use of control groups, experimental groups, and random assignments to provide evidence for cause and effect relationships. Specifically, this type of research generally results in strict standards for establishing validity through the manipulation of variables. When using random assignments equal opportunities are afforded to eliminate systematic biases.

On the other hand, nonexperimental research can be used to either describe a situation as it stands without manipulation of variables by the researcher, or, as a correlation relating to the relationship between two variables. Moreover, nonexperimental groups do not interfere with the study, they merely observe. In such cases, surveys and questionnaires are used to provide a knowledge base to the researcher. In such studies, the validity of nonexperimental research is usually a matter of question due to the lack of control. However, since nonexperimental studies do not attempt to manipulate variables, nonexperimental studies may be viewed as a more ethical practice.

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