Paragraph 1

Paragraph 1

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Experimental research is an objective, systematic, highly controlled experiment in order to predict and control a phenomena in nursing practice. It is the most powerful quantitative method due to using controls to compare during the experiment. All the individuals would have to pass a screening to verify that they all possessed the same important characteristics needed for this research being done. The degree of the control achieved in experimental studies varies according to the population studied, variable examined, and environment of the study. There are 3 main characteristics of all experimental studies:

1) the independent variable which uses the control of at least 1 variable

2) only exposing some subjects to the treatment while the others receive placebos

3) randomly assign the subjects to the controls.

An example of this would be, an experimental drug was being tested to see how well it works for sleeping. Only half of the subjects would have received the drug and the other half receive a placebo. This would be how the researcher utilizes the control to assist on the research of the study.

In comparison, an non-experimental research study is “when a researcher can not control, manipulate, or alter the predictor variable or subjects but instead relies on interpretations, observations, or interactions to come to a conclusion” (Kowalczyk, n.d.). This research design focuses on variables that occur naturally in the environment instead of trying to control the study with the use of manipulation of the variables involved. An example of a non-experimental study would be when the researcher used both men and women and studied which sex sleeps more at night. With this experiment, the researcher is unable to manipulate the predictor variable, which in this care is the gender.


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