Topic 2 DQ 1

Topic 2 DQ 1

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Random sampling is important because it helps avoid unconscious bias from the researchers (Lombrado, 2017). We all have bias and prior knowledge but that should not get in the way of getting valid and reliable data. Random sampling makes sure everyone is getting an equal chance and it is the simplest form of data collection (Lombrado, 2017). One random sampling method is the lottery method. It is random and the researcher does not know who is being picked.

One problem or limitation is that there needs to be a complete list of the people from the population. It needs to be up to date so the data is accurate (, 2009). It is extremely hard to get all of the people on the list. Sometimes there are too many or too little. Having too little or too many people is also problematic. The data always need to be accurate, even with a large population.

There are some ways to prevent problems and limitations. To get the list of the everyone in the population, research can get a representative sample of the target population. It can be obtained from a sampling frame. To get a truly random sampling, researchers may need to spend extra money to hire more people. So they can get information about them and make sure the population is being represented.

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