Week 2 – BSN Interview

Week 2 – BSN Interview

American Public University


School of Health Sciences

Nursing Program

NURS 300-Professional Transitions in Nursing



BSN Interview Directions


Initiate contact with a BSN nurse who is currently active in practice, who became an RN through an Associate Degree or diploma program, and subsequently went on for a BSN.
Ask the nurse if he/she would consent to a 20-30 minute interview with you.
Assure the RN that you will not use his/her name or agency in any written or oral report.
You may provide him/her with a list of questions prior to the interview, but it is not necessary.
Meet with the individual in person. You may not use email or phone to conduct this interview.
Be sure to allow adequate, uninterrupted time for the nurse to provide thoughtful answers.
Engage the nurse in a conversation and ask the nine questions below. Include a professional question of your own.
Include the questions and the interviewee’s responses below the questions.
Answer questions thoroughly in paragraph form.
*Write a reflective summary of the interview questions addressing the following:
What feelings were you experiencing during the interview?
What personal values did this interview challenge?
Were the answers of the RN as expected or did they surprise you?
How useful was any advice given to you by the RN? Why or why not?
How will this interview influence your professional goals?


What type of nursing education program(s) have you completed? Include program and date.
Describe your personal philosophy of nursing?
What factors went into your decision to earn a BSN?
What were the most relevant topics learned in your BSN program related to your nursing practice?
Give examples of how you have applied key components of your BSN program in your everyday practice?
Describe career opportunities resulting from completion of a BSN program.
Share your plans for furthering your career and advancing nursing as a profession for the future.
How do you envision the role of the BSN nurse impacting the delivery of healthcare?
What advice can you share with me to support my professional growth?
Additional question ______________________________________________
*Be sure to include your thoughtful reflection at the end.