NUR 435 Denver College of Nursing Wk 1 Nursing Management Style Discussion

NUR 435 Denver College of Nursing Wk 1 Nursing Management Style Discussion




Step 1 Read and respond to the scenario.

You are interviewing for an assistant nurse manager position with the nurse manager of your unit. She asks you to answer the following questions:

    • Explain a time you had to take charge, formally or informally, on your clinical unit (be specific).
    • Describe the management style you used and the type of power you had.
    • Discuss whether your management style was effective and what you would have done differently.
    • Would you use a different management style in the future in the same situation? If so, which one and why?
    • Which management style would you choose to use going forward, and why. NUR 435 Denver College of Nursing Wk 1 Nursing Management Style Discussion


Step 2 Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them by Friday at 11:59pm Mountain Time.

Read and respond to at least two other students’ posts. Use your personal experience, if it’s relevant, to help support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support your opinions.

Peer Discussion 1 (Kristen)

A time I had to take charge on my unit was recently during this COVID pandemic. Many of the employees were put on temporary leave and we were short staffed. During some of my shifts, I was the one who was responsible for maintaining performance of not only myself but my fellow coworkers. When I was in this position, before our shift started, I had a huddle with the nursing team that day to go over the strategies to overcome the challenges we were facing. The management style I think that directly relates to the type of power I had is Laissez-faire. “The leader assumes the group is internally motivated by recognition, achievement, increased responsibility, and so on and needs autonomy and self-regulation” (Finkelman, 2016). I maintained leadership while still trying to get input from other nurses. I think that this type of leadership style worked well due to the circumstances we were facing. If I became an official member of leadership, I would use the bureaucratic style. I think it is important to have set directions and expect them to be followed.


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Peer Response 2 (Elizabeth)

I am often a charge nurse on my unit and although this position does not come with any power if an incidence occurs the charge nurse needs to be the resource and know the policies and be able to give orders as appropriate to all of the team members to make sure that all of the patients on the floor are cared for despite the emergency. Since I am one of the senior nurses, I am often in this position. On a typical night I somewhere between a Bureaucratic and Laissez-faire leader. Everyone knows their job and I expect them to do it if there is an issue they can come to me and I will assist them with whatever they need! If an emergency occurs, I am more autocratic because I direct all of the movements on the floor to make sure that everyone receives care since we will run short so that the patient’s primary nurse and I can handle the emergency and everything that comes with that. An example of this is last week we had to call a code stroke on our unit because a patient suddenly became confused and unable to follow commands which were far from her baseline!Therefore, I delegated making the schedule for the next shift to another senior nurse and had each other nurse take one of the Primary nurses’patients until the code stroke could be handled. I also made calls to the doctors, Respiratory therapy, CT scans, etc. to help the primary nurse. I would behave the same again in the same situation. On my floor, people have not needed to have that close of monitoring, but when it is needed, I implement changes as needed. On the floor I am on the staff is very internally motivated to care for our patients and we all have a passion for our jobs (Finkleman, 2016). NUR 435 Denver College of Nursing Wk 1 Nursing Management Style Discussion



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