Paragraph 4

Paragraph 4

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Individual’s reaction to disaster is different. Some can have traumatic stress and others overwhelmed by issues that distress their spiritual lives. The occurrence of a disaster makes many people feel alive and connected to the divine than even before. There are several issues that can arise to the individuals, communities, and health care providers during that event. They can blame the disaster when it occurs even afterwards directly to God as they take Him to be the motive behind it. This blame may be brought forth through questions and proclamations made and those going through their heads. Spiritual care is a significant measurement of total health, and should be recognized and resolved for the spiritual requirements of disaster sufferers; this is an essential role of health care providers. Calamity managing is a group effort and as a result requires that health care providers lean on the knowledge and support of other team members; facilitating efforts with local religious, social governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations, to handle the elusive effects of the cultural and spiritual shock of a disaster and to avert further disheartenment of the affected the people is crucial. Tragedies take place, and the only thing that can revolutionize in their destructive effects is to advance catastrophe preparedness and act in response jointly and bravely to every catastrophic event.

As community health nurses, we can assist in the spiritual care of those in need by using our language of compassion and empathy. This is our fundamental responsibility. Empathy and Compassion cannot be operationalized unless we demonstrate culturally ability, ethically true, and spiritually considerate behavior. We must be tolerant of cultures other than our own; we must read information and gain an understanding with the primary cultures of the affected populace.


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