Case Study of the Reproductive System .

Case Study of the Reproductive System .

Case studies of the Reproductive System.



Alicia is a nurse who specializes in reproductive heath. She plans on leading a wellness class for the community at the clinic on breast self-examination. a 40-minute class, consisting of 20 minutes of educational content and 20 minutes to evaluate the participants, will be offered four different times. Participants at the free clinic can sign up for the classes. Each session can take eight participants. The nurse is using the latest guidelines from the American Cancer Society ( ACS) as a handout to give the women who attend the class. The Web site the nurse used as a resource was from the ACS, available at:
b) Design a teaching plan for the session.

Mrs. Matin is a 48-year-old patient with breast cancer, who is undergoing a right modified radical mastectomy for infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Preoperatively, she explains to the OR nurse how the cancer was found on her most recent mammogram. She said that she had been experiencing some fullness in her breast, but could not definitively palpate a mass. She also explains that she chose the modified approach for surgery , as she is planning on having breast reconstruction later.
b) Postoperatively, how does the nurse assess for lymphedema?

c) What patient education does the nurse plan for Mrs. Martin related to hand and arm care after surgery?

d) What actions can the nurse take to ease Mrs. Martin’s anxiety related to looking at her surgical site for the first time?

David Martinez is a 57-year-old patient. is admitted to the surgical unit after robotic-assisted laparoscopic radial prostatectomy with nerve sparring for early stage cancerous tumor confined to the prostate. The client has six small incisions in the abdomen with small 4×4 dressing with clear dressing dry and intact. The client has a JP drain in place with clear, red-colored drainage with 50mL present and an indwelling urinary catheter drainage clear, red-colored urine. The surgeon ordered ketorolac (Toradol) for pain management and belladonna and opiate (B&O) suppository every 8 hours, as needed, for bladder spams.
b) For what potential complications should the nurse observe, and what actions should the nurse take if the complication develops?

c) The surgeon removes the JP drain the next day and discharge instructions should the nurse provide the patient? What follow-up care is anticipated for him?

Manny Perez is a 70-year-old man, is admitted with the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the penis. He presents with painless wart like growth on the skin of the glans of the penis.
b) What are the early and late manifestations of cancer of the penis?

c) What are the management goals for cancer of the penis?