Need Response to below DQ

Need Response to below DQ

Need Response to below DQ 175 words with 1 scholarly source and citation .that is les than 5 years old APA format


C. Jordon



The circle of care model is different from many other holistic nursing theories. This model is a continuous model where each person but contributes and receives from the model, throughout this model we will learn how the circle of care model stands out from the others.

Circle of Caring

The circle of caring model works as a continuum of care which encompasses the needs of the patient with the expertise of the FNP along with all the community resources to create a circle of caring (Health comm capacity, 2016). Without every member of the group the circle does not work properly. While each person may have different expertise, it takes people from every background to be able to supplement the other in the circle of caring model (National alliance of caregiving, 2018).

Other Models

While the circle of caring model works on a continuum of care and everyone in the continuum benefits and contributes form the group, the decision-making model works different as it works from the top down and everyone benefits in a different capacity (Dang and Dearholt, 2017). In the decision-making model the hierarchy makes the decisions that will then be passed down to the patient who will benefit from them (Dang and Dearholt, 2017). In this type of model, the patient may benefit from the information however the physician may benefit monetary for sharing the information (Dang and Dearholt, 2017).


The circle of caring model differs from all other models in the fact that everyone contributes and benefits from the group while the decision-making group has a hierarchy approach in which the information is provided at the top and then trickles down to everyone in the group. While both models have their strengths and weaknesses, the circle of care model works to provide holistic care to everyone.


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