Paragraph 1

Paragraph 1

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Social determinants are the circumstances in which people are born, grown, live, work, and age (World Health Organization, 2018a). Social and economic factors influence behaviors as well as predict outcomes (Senterfitt, Long, Shih, & Teutsch, 2013). Individuals are unlikely to be able to directly control many of the determinants of health (World Health Organization, 2018b).

If the community is financially or socially struggling, there are more harmful behaviors, causing added challenges when attempting to establish positive practices (Senterfitt et al., 2013). Therefore, the better the social environment, the more likely it is to embrace and maintain wellness behaviors (Senterfitt et al., 2013). Such things that encourage active communities include access to health care services, adequate public safety, accessible social support, as well as safe housing and local food markets (, 2014).

When the following six specific conditions are present, an infectious disorder can be spread from person to person; creating the chain of infection. By breaking this chain at any of the links, the spread of illness is stopped (The Government of Nunavut, n.d.).

Disease agent- pathogens that cause sickness
Reservoir- the carrier of the pathogen; humans, animals, or the environment.
Mode of escape- coughing or sneezing.
Mode of transfer- direct or indirect contact.
Mode of entry- inhalation, absorption, or needle sticks.
Susceptible host- the person next exposed; usually with a compromised immune system (The Government of Nunavut, n.d.).
Transmission of the pathogen can be interrupted at any point in the chain:

Eliminate or inactivate the agent.
Contain and prevent the transmission of germs at the exit portals by using sufficient infection control.
Protect any portals of entry and susceptible new hosts from transference (The Government of Nunavut, n.d.).
The bottom line is to break the chain at any opportunity. As nurses, we can help break the chain of sickness, primarily by using exceptional hand hygiene and knowing how to use and apply personal protective equipment correctly.


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