Paragraph 2- long paragraph

Paragraph 2- long paragraph

Please write a long Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in alphabetical order in case of another source.



My idea of a healthy community is a group of families living in the same locality where all citizens, authorities, organizations and families work together for the welfare, health and the quality of life of the whole community. “A healthy community is one where people have good physical and emotional health. But this is more than just the absence of illness. A healthy community promotes well-being and offers a high quality of life” (Bruce, 2011). Healthy communities includes those where its citizens show respect to each other and live in peace and harmony, resident respect and care for nature, clean and safe environment, clean air, affordable and nutritious food, people have access to portable water, safe homes, access to high quality health care and education, practices of physical and healthy lifestyle is promoted by the citizens especially where all residents work together for a better and healthier community. A healthy community is one in which residents are happy with their choice of location and which exhibits characteristics that would draw others to the location. The majority of community residents are relatively functional for their age and health status. (Maurer & Smith, 2013).

Healthy communities have many things in common, such as strong social network, physical assets that are clean, safe and provide identity to the community, strong economic opportunity that improve quality of life, human development that provides opportunity for individual growth, and local institutions that support all of these elements (Bruce, 2011). An article published by The Lincy Institute states that “The health of a community is dependent not only upon the genetics of its residents, but also upon the environment within which those individuals live. A person’s health is a product of their environment”. This in essence means providing care and improving the health of my community.

I will start by gathering the residents and organizations together, make them understand that it is important to work together for the good health of the community and above all the health of every individual in the community. The next step will be to recognize, identify and classify the problems in the community, create an action plan which will allow us design a better community that making healthy choices will be easy. Childhood obesity is one of the problems that I would focus on because of its prevalence and other dangerous diseases it can lead to such as diabetes and heart disease which mortality rate is very high. These can be achieved by working together with school boards, government entities, teachers and parents to create a healthy, nutritious menu for our kids in schools; integrate the help of health institutions and local organizations to provide community activities, health fair; present quick and easy alternatives for healthy eating in today’s busy schedules. It is also imperative that emphasize be made on getting our kids active by providing them more affordable access to sports activities in schools and constructing more recreational areas and parks in the community where kids can play, run and ride bikes safely. The introduction of health topics in the kid’s daily schedule in schools will be very beneficial as it will educate and help them understand what consequences poor healthy habits can do to their life and health. Finally, evaluating the progress, success and the impact these has on the community and creating new ideas and initiatives will ensure our community grows healthy and happy.

It is the responsibility of everyone to build a healthy community. Nurses as healthcare providers play a very important role in the process and success.


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