Paragraph 3

Paragraph 3

Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in alphabetical order in case of another source.


For the past four decades, healthcare spending has skyrocketed as well as their costs. With the changes in health care coverage or the lack of having coverage has prompted families to delay health care. The increase in average mortality rate has increased the number of chronic illness the practitioners are attempting to manage at clinics. The more people that need to be seen the less appointment spaces that are available, forcing patient to seek medical treatment from the Emergency Rooms. This leads to overcrowding and extended wait periods to be seen.

Rising health care costs in the private sector have translated into significant insurance premium increases, unemployment, and stagnant real wages. The hourly wage growth of health benefits has stalled since 2000; while inflation adjusted family health insurance premiums have increased 58% according to the Senator Whitehouse report.

When we take a look at the health care system today, the overpriced and unnecessary services, excessive administrative costs, inefficiently delivered care, not using preventative measures, and Medical fraud cases all
are contributing to the excessive health care costs. Taking all of these things into consideration could be used to improve health care without increasing the cost and bettering the quality of care that American receives.


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