Paragraph 3- Long paragraph

Paragraph 3- Long paragraph

Please write a long Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in alphabetical order in case of another source.


According to Stanhope & Lancaster (2010), community is defined as people and the relationships that form as they grow in their surroundings. Community could be small or large group of people with the same common interest or values. Healthy community can be defined as a group or association that has a focus on specific goal. Examples of healthy community are churches, nursing homes, civic groups, newspaper, police stations, library, outreach programs and neighborhood centers. Nursing communities can be same but different. We all have the same goal that is to improve patient outcomes but different areas of focus for the patient. I belong to a local chapter nursing organization; American Nephrology Nursing Association (ANNA) is a community of nephrology nurses from all over Houston. ANNA, we come together and have meetings to discuss issues regarding our dialysis patients.
According to (Centeio et al., 2018), in the United States, reducing childhood obesity is a problem in elementary schools. If children are obese when they are younger it can lead to developing other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer when they are older. Encouraging the children to exercise by providing different activities to promote an active lifestyle. Some forms of exercise during school are having fun activities in recess, encouraging students to participate in school sports, Physical Education classes and provide health education. Some ways to encourage a healthy community is actively educating the students and parents of the importance of exercise and problems regarding obesity. At home or neighborhood, parents can take their children for a walk or ride bikes to encourage exercise. Parents have to be actively involved in the care of children to promote a healthy community.


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