Paragraph 4- Long paragraph

Paragraph 4- Long paragraph

Please write a long Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in alphabetical order in case of another source.


The geopolitical community in which I live is California. It is a geopolitical community because it meets the definition by having defined geographical and jurisdictional borders clearly established on a map (Maurer & Smith, 2014). Within this particular geopolitical community, I am a part of various phenomenological communities: concerning race I am caucasian; from a religious aspect, I am a Christian; and from an economic perspective I come from a middle-class family. These types of phenomenological communities bound people together by their interpersonal connectedness; a place is designated by a sense of belonging (Maurer & Smith, 2014).

For community health nurses, it may present a challenge to establish effective and considerate approaches because of many different languages, cultures, and values. However, this effort adds valuable cultural competence experience, which is critical in today’s society. On the other hand, dealing with the same community has the advantage and disadvantage of generally requiring similar care. Since it is a familiar culture, it is typically within a comfort zone and can end up being routine, and there is no opportunity for cultural growth within the caregiver. Cultural competence training can be of great significance in this regard. When you can thoroughly able to have a deep understanding of how to respectfully and competently communicate with people from different cultures, it creates an opportunity for favorable outcomes (, 2018).

Some of the global health issues in California include sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, immunizations, obesity, cancer, and drug abuse, among others. Ethnic sub-communities in California, including blacks, whites, Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, and various immigrants from other parts of the world. Cultural, religious and value differences between ourselves and these sub-communities are important to consider when providing respectful healthcare.

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