Paragraph 5

Paragraph 5

Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in alphabetical order in case of another source.


Culture Preservation is to preserve the cultural practices within all culture that promote a positive healthy behavior (GCU, 2017). For example, a Polish Catholic family would call the priest when a family member is near death to recite the last rites. This is believed to cleanse the soul. The Catholic priest may lay a hand on the sick and anoints blessed oil on the forehead of the person. This is a special oil that is blessed by the bishop (“When can Last Rites”, 2016). My family called the priest for my grandmother near her death and prayed. My grandmother believed this to be very important. The barrier would be the patient not feeling forgiven for past mistakes or worried about the after life with GOD. As a nurse we could support the positive and reassure any negative thought.

Cultural Accommodation is to accommodate different practices of religion to respect tradition and cultures as long as it is not harmful(GCU, 2017). For example, Shamans, which communicate with the spirit world and help treat illnesses or sickness (What is Shamanism?, n.d.). They believe the Shaman is in between worlds and can be healers, psychics, gurus, and magicians that are set in a trance to communicate to spirits (What is Shamanism?, n.d.). The barrier with this is if the client believes a bad spell has been cast on them. Not being able to fix the spirit world would be an issue.

Cultural Repatterning promotes patients to view and practice safe cultural traditions (GCU, 2017). For example, traditionally Mexican’s have an unhealthy diet with high fat, fried foods that can link to high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity that leads to type 2 diabetes. Changing patterns is difficult but with interventions and preventions of physical activity, nutrition with parent involvement, childhood obesity can decrease (Kaiser et, al., 2018). The barrier is the family not making any changes because of influences from family.

Cultural brokering is to support the client and to ensure they are receiving proper health care with the western health system (GCU, 2018). It is important to value all cultures and to be aware of the needs. Having the knowledge of different culture will help the nurse guide the teaching plan to better health. This will promote positive outcome for patients’.


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