Paragraph 6

Paragraph 6

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The community health nurse can apply the strategies of cultural competence in their practice by assessing and also accepting the cultural practices and beliefs of each patient. This means that the nurse should be respectful of patient’s cultural diversity as well as the cultural influences influencing their patients by examining how their beliefs impacts their health. It is important that all nurses have cultural awareness since this can improve patient’s outcome.

Cultural Preservation involves a nurse seen as preserving culture when they support the family of Muslim faith to cleanse the body of their deceased family member themselves (Al-Islam, n.d). A possible barrier may conflict between family members who are not accustomed to this tradition because they were born in America.

Cultural accommodation involves the use of practices that have not been proven to be harmful. Example include Acupuncture, a traditional form of Chinese medicine believed that illness occurs when the body’s natural flow of energy or chi is blocked. The insertion of tiny needles in specific points in the body releases the blockage and restores the flow of energy, thus relieving illness (Mayo Clinic, 2016). A possible barrier may be that the patient is still experiencing levels of pain that need further investigation and the patient does not want to see the doctor despite recommendation by the nurse.

Cultural re-patterning involves a nurse working with patients in order to convince them to abandon harmful cultural practices and beliefs. Many cultural practices believe that bedrest is important for healing. Teaching a patient that getting up and moving soon after surgery promotes healing and is an e.g. of repatterning. The barrier here is that many people have been taught and raised in a certain culture from birth. Resistance to change should always be anticipated and the nurse prepared to adjust care as needed

Cultural brokering finally involves mediating between groups or individuals that have different cultural beliefs in order to reach a consensus and effect changes.Many cultures do not make any decisions for health until the entire family is there to agree in the decision making. The Nurse may need to intervene if one family member wants to make decisions before the entire family arrives. A possible barrier may be time constraints. Decisions may need to be made before to the entire family arrives. The Community health nurse then may be able to do a group phone call with all family members.


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