Topic 4 DQ 1

Topic 4 DQ 1

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question:



During initial assessment of Ms. Li, it is important for the health care provider to perform a cultural assessment to determine current cultural practices and language barriers. It is important to check for understanding. The health care provider may determine that Ms. Li is more reserved and avoids eye contact as this can be a sign of disrespect in Asian culture. It is important for the health care provider to establish a professional role an assume authority. Ms. Li may need reassurance that all information provided on assessment will be kept private. The health care provider should be patient and consider silence as moments for reflection on information that has been discussed. They should provide clear and full information and be attentive of non-verbal cues. Lastly, the health care provider should address immediate needs and give corrective advise.

The abuse assessment screen is a tool utilized by health care providers to quickly assess for signs of abuse during assessment. This tool is designed to assess for domestic violence, abuse during pregnancy, and abuse to women with disabilities. It is comprised of three to five questions and each question assesses current emotional, sexual, and physical abuse and the frequency and severity of the abuse. This assessment should be completed by the health care provider when they are alone with the patient.

If abuse is discovered during assessment the nurse should take a non-judgmental and open approach by listening, communicating belief, validating the decision to disclose, and emphasizing the unacceptability of violence. The nurse must assess the immediate safety of the patient, contact authorities, and work with the interdisciplinary team to ensure the patient has a safety place to discharge to. The nurse should also provide community resources such as shelters and refer counseling services.


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