Paragraph 1

Paragraph 1

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When conducting a health assessment screening on individuals, it is the health care provider’s responsibility to realize that not everyone understands and follows the most current healthcare recommendations. These recommendations often include prevention, having a regular primary physician, annual health checkups, and understanding what health maintenance means for long term healthy lifestyle. As the county experiences a large influx in cultural diversity, it is important to identify barriers that can cause important factors to be overlooked (Grand Canyon University, 2012). One of these barriers his language. Nurses must assess a patient’s ideas of proper health. Nurses must also consider the patient’s access to medical insurance and resources.

In Sue Li’s case, a healthcare provider should pay close attention to the patient’s support network, also considering if her living conditions are safe and free of harm. Every patient should be screened for abuse. The abuse assessment screening tool can be an effective resource to help reveal abuse in a safe and non-threating environment. This kind of environment allows a patient to feel as though they can trust the health care system and confide in the nurse.

In the event that the patient answers yes to any of the abuse assessment screening questions, follow-up questions should be asked regarding type of abuse, who is involved, and how long has it been going on (Jarvis, 2016). This screening tool was created because violence is very common in society. Abuse affects all levels of socioeconomic status. Abuse has no preference for race, gender, age, or financial status. Nurses are responsible to make sure the patient is not in any life-threatening danger. By law, findings must be reported to the social services and local law enforcement within 24 hours. It would also be in the patient’s best interest to provide direct resources and access to temporary placement if the patient feels their life could be in danger.


Jarvis, C. (2016). Evolve Resources for Physical Examination and Health Assessment (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier

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