Paragraph 4

Paragraph 4

Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in alphabetical order in case of another source.


Teen pregnancies have several disparities. Compared to adult mothers, children born of teen mothers have twice the incidences of low birth weights and twice the mortality maternal mortality rate. Teen mothers experience poor maternal weight gain, preterm birth, pregnancy induced hypertension, anemia, and sexually transmitted diseases. (Women’s Children and Family Health, 2016) Teen pregnancy is also associated with economic issues, education issues, child welfare, and births out of wedlock. The stresses of not only being pregnant but the psychological stresses can lead to low birth weight and improper maternal weight gain. Teen pregnancy can lead to getting bullied, not wanting to gain weight or get “Fat” which might lead to eating disorders, and the mental stress of having to tell her parents. Teens statistically have more than one partner which can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, with not wanting people to know they are pregnant impedes on prenatal care.

In the past 10 years in the state of Alaska as well as nationally teen pregnancies are on a steady decline. Nationally since 1991 to 2014 teen pregnancies went from 61.8 per 1000 teens to 24.2 out of 1000 teens. (Earl 2016) This doesn’t account for the number of terminated pregnancies, which would make the number a bit higher. Education to teens about teen pregnancy is the leading cause of the decrease in teen pregnancies. Due to the increased availability of contraceptives because of the Affordable Care Act requiring that the contraceptives now be covered.

Local resources for teen who find themselves to be pregnant can be the Ketchikan Public Health Center, this is a division of the State of Alaska department of Health and Social Services. They have family planning, immunization’s, STD screening, well child exams, community assessment and health education. The Ketchikan Public Health would also be able to aid in getting the mothers and children signed up for WIC and Denali Kid Care. In Ketchikan there are also parenting classes with a group called Orca.

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