Best College Essay Topics


You need a broad list of potential topics for your college essay. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page, and you’ll see that information. But before we get to that, wouldn’t it be great if I gave you two fantastic brainstorming exercises to help you think of your essay topics? Just what makes your college application essays better than the rest of the rest? The most direct method of dealing with this matter is highlighting the hazards you should try to avoid. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most typical college essays prompts and provide some advice for giving your writing a unique spin.

College essay topics

An effective college essay begins with a well-chosen subject. To wow your professors, you’ll need to write an interesting and unique essay. Stuck on a topic and need some inspiration? Please let us know how we can help. Learners may use the information in this article to choose exciting subjects for their college essays. As a bonus, we’ve included some suggestions on choosing a subject to make your essay stand out. Please select one of the provided subjects for your college essay and develop it further.

  • Recollections of the Transition from Elementary to Secondary School and Later to University
  • Too many things in life are bad ants, in my opinion
  • A Blind Man’s Story
  • Before the Exam, I Saw a Harvest in the Nighttime
  • Our Library at School
  • Self-Help for a Selfish Friend
  • Our College staged a Dramatic Performance
  • Failure with a Purpose
  • Hostel life has several advantages
  • The Saddest Day of My Life was the day I lost my computer
  • The Evolution of Fashion Around the World
  • My Spending Money
  • Optional freedom
  • My Life’s Seven Wonders
  • Olympic Games for Politics and Corruption Youth Sex Education in Schools is a Dream
  • Spring Social Service in School Jokers
  • Water Scarcity
  • People and Poverty
  • Divorce’s Impact on Children’s Globalization
  • Wildlife discussion and management


Best college essay topics

The best ideas for college essays may be very personal. What you find fantastic and essential may not be the same things that another person finds lovely and crucial. It’s normal to wonder why a school would give you a specific topic to write on. That’s OK for me. You still need to put it in writing. You’ll find several types of essays on this page, covering the gamut of writing assignments you’ll face in school. Different topics for essays will be assigned for each section. You may use the following list of essay topics for College to get a feel for the kind of essays you’ll be asked to write.

  1. The impact of electronic gadgets on child development
  2. Cheating in school has lasting impacts on one’s character
  3. GMOs and their effect on human DNA
  4. Cultural differences contribute to immigration transitional difficulties
  5. Consumption pollutes the environment
  6. Freedom of expression may be misused
  7. Interactions with peers at school result in enhanced social skills
  8. Consuming organic vegetables minimizes health risks

Argumentative essay topics for College

Have you hit a block in your writing? Perhaps the most challenging aspect of writing an essay is thinking of a subject to write about. It’s likely that at some point during your time in College, you’ll be tasked with writing an argumentative essay. We have collected a list of argumentative essay topics for college students to assist you in getting started if you are having trouble thinking of a subject. Techniques for choosing subjects and for putting together an argument are also discussed here. The goal of your writing should be to convince the reader.

  1. Is it worth it to go to College?
  2. College isn’t for everyone.
  • A college education is a means to an end, not a means to a living
  1. Studies have shown that medical marijuana may treat a variety of ailments
  2. They are paid more than they should be for their work
  3. Children should be able to construct their educational programs
  • Students must be taught how to cultivate their food
  • Young adults’ access to social media should be restricted
  1. Real-world skills should be included in the college curriculum
  2. College students should not live with their families

Essay topics for college students

The most important essay topics for college students will be discussed today. These essay ideas are helpful for students at all levels, especially those in high school and College. All of the items in this list are broad and have some connection to higher education.

Teachers have greater expectations of their college students since they are the natural progression from high school. College professors may not appreciate the same themes that high school teachers do. Thus, coming up with ideas for college essays is no easy task. We have included a list of potential topics for your college application essay to help you out. Everybody’s here now:

  • Are the results of standardized tests the best indicator of a person’s competence?
  • Gender and military service
  • What factors contribute to the rise in young women becoming mothers?
  • What has to be done to improve the present tax system?
  • Is the compensation for project managers and CEOs too high?
  • What is it about left-handed guitarists that make them more talented?
  • Is college entrance growing too competitive?
  • School to College Memories
  • My favorite teacher
  • Books are our companions
  • The Library of our School
  • Too much of anything is harmful
  • Ants have their methods
  • The Impact of the Video Game PubG
  • My Life Objective

Persuasive college essay topics

When was the last time you considered what makes an essay persuasive? Do you find it hard to distinguish between that and an argumentative one? Are you of the opinion that it is challenging for students to think of new ideas for compelling college essays? If your answers to these questions were “yes,” you have found the right place. Get in touch with us, and we’ll do all we can to help!

It’s challenging to think of exciting subjects for college essays. However, there is no reason for alarm. A group of experts on our staff has gathered the most well-liked and constructive ideas.

In case you need some inspiration, we have compiled a list of topics that have shown to be successful in persuasive essays written by college students. We’ve broken down our ideas into component elements so you can choose what works best for you. This will allow you to search our website more efficiently and fast.

  1. Students should not be allowed to use their cell phones while on campus
  2. Psychopaths and sociopaths should face harsh penalties
  • Rapes in the United States are often the result of encounters with pornographic material
  1. Fencing borders is the only method to handle the problem of illegal immigration
  2. People with more education than their spouses are more likely to exert their authority
  3. Instead of leaving tips, restaurants should raise the pay of their employees
  • E-learning has more drawbacks than advantages
  • We have a problem with our existing education system
  1. Graduates of College should have their student debts canceled
  2. International terrorism should not be given as much attention as local criminality
  3. Parents must monitor the Internet use by minors
  • Personality problems may develop in children raised by a single mother or father.
  • A mental hospital should not be used as a treatment facility for patients with long-term medical conditions.
  • Every female student should be taught self-defense skills from an early age.
  1. Feminists have undervalued motherhood

Argumentative college essay topics

If you want to write an effective argumentative essay, choose a topic that interests you and gives you enough material to work with. Generally, taking a firm position for or against a highly divisive topic is more accessible.

Students might get a deeper understanding of a topic in school by writing an argumentative essay about the subject. Developing your persuasive writing skills is crucial to succeeding in your endeavors. Keeping your subject in mind is the key to coming up with an interesting essay topic.

People who read your work on a topic that’s currently generating heated controversy are likely to come away from it with a new appreciation for your writing skills and a fresh perspective. College-level writers seek argumentative essay prompts that give them room to construct an argument and support it with evidence. Some ideas are listed below.

  • Are men and women emotionally equal?
  • Is it necessary to decrease the drinking age?
  • Is social media harmful to kids?
  • Is it worthwhile to go into space?
  • Is feminism still relevant today?
  • Are anti-discrimination laws sufficient to safeguard disabled students?
  • Is a professor’s requirement that pupils buy his book a conflict of interest?
  • Should the cost of a degree be linked to income?
  • Are parents at blame for their children’s obesity?
  • Is it necessary to pay for all internships?
  • Is a degree from an online institution equivalent to a traditional college?
  • Should college education be free?
  • Do all college majors matter equally?
  • Do all individuals have the right to free health care?
  • Have the appropriate reparations for slavery been made?
  • Is it possible to make beauty standards more inclusive?
  • Should the popular vote be used to determine elections?
  • Are printed books superior to electronic readers?
  • Is climate change the world’s most severe threat?
  • Has technology impacted the way we think about magic?

Social argumentative essay topics

Many students will be required to write argumentative essays at some point throughout their academic careers. This kind of paper is common in both high school and college curricula. To get high marks in any language course, your essay writing has to be stellar. The ability to write a strong essay will go a long way toward improving your grades and academic standing. The most common essay kind, argumentative essays, require the writer to advocate for a particular side of a debatable issue. It also requires a higher standard of evidence to win over the listener.

To write a winning argumentative essay, you must pay close attention and choose an interesting subject or problem. It might be challenging to think of compelling subjects for a social argumentative essay, but doing so becomes much simpler if you have a firm grasp of the process and the principles involved.

Read on to learn some tips on picking a winning subject. In pursuing academic greatness, consider the suggestions as you brainstorm potential subjects for your college essay.

  1. Is it appropriate for male employers to take paternity leave?
  2. To investigate a crime, is it permissible to use torture?
  • Do you think that certain social activities should be criminalized?
  1. As time goes on, do social and cultural norms change?
  2. What role does age have in a relationship’s success?
  3. How far should the government be able to pry into people’s private social media accounts?
  • Is social media infringing on people’s right to free speech and the ability to express themselves freely?
  • Is reality television an accurate depiction of life?
  1. What are the social benefits and drawbacks of intermarried couples of the same sex?
  2. Are the ideals of fashion at odds with a healthy body image?

Creative college essay topics

The essay plays a significant role in the admissions process. If you want to show the admissions committee a side of your personality beyond what can be seen in your academics and work experience, then this is your opportunity. You can’t write a successful college essay if you choose the wrong subject to write about.

As you read the potential topics, ask yourself whether any of them are of interest to you. When you’ve restricted your options to a manageable number, it’s time to consider how you may use the information you’ve learned. Take a look at these fresh ideas for your following college essay!

  • Describe an experience, event, or accomplishment that caused you to get a new perspective on yourself or others
  • Which event in global history would you alter if you could change just one?
  • Choose one quotation that best describes you. Please explain why you picked the quotation and how you believe it describes you.
  • Tell us about your best advice. What makes it the best?
  • What a unique volunteer opportunity. Describe how these events affected you.
  • Share a memorable trip.
  • Describe a teacher or mentor who encouraged, inspired, or affected your behavior
  • Describe a challenge or setback you overcome to attain your goal
  • Talk about your experiences on a competitive sports team
  • Name a book, person, or event that influenced your choices
  • Consider today’s most tough adolescent issue. What do you think?
  • Explanation of idea and plan of action
  • Describe some of your non-academic accomplishments
  • If you are fascinated with a topic or idea, you may quickly lose track of time.
  • Tell us about your unusual plans for graduation.
  • Describe what fascinates you about it and how you arrived at that conclusion
  • Someone who deserves a Nobel Prize? Assume you’re on the Nobel Prize Committee and justify your choice
  • You could talk to anybody, alive or dead. Describe your choice and what you wish to discuss
  • Consider your distinguishing personality characteristic or expertise. Give instances
  • Consider how your family, or even a single family member, influenced you.

Informative college essay topics

No matter what level of education you’re currently pursuing, you’ll eventually have to sit down and write an exciting essay without letting your mind wander. Most students struggle to find footing when selecting a subject or research question for their informative essay. If you want to make this time-consuming process more manageable, it’s a good idea to examine in further detail the most popular subjects for enlightening college essays.

For some students, writing an informative essay may be overwhelming. More so if you have any experience with it. To begin, settle on a subject. Students often ignore this strategy in favor of the most straightforward available alternative.

Nonetheless, this significant time frame must not be disregarded. College students who do not carefully choose a subject for their essays run the danger of receiving a failing grade on the whole project. Find inspiration in this list of illuminating topic choices while you work on a superior paper.

  1. The main things that make college students stressed
  2. Why do people come to the United States
  3. Effects of vegetarianism on health
  4. How has COVID-19 changed the way schools work?
  5. Results of the Trump presidency
  6. Why do young people want to smoke
  7. What led to and came out of the Cold War
  8. Why a good night’s sleep is essential for mental health
  9. How well online education works
  10. What makes teens get pregnant?
  11. Reasons to stop a band from performing
  12. What is identity theft?
  13. The Effects of Global Warming
  14. Diabetes Causes in Adolescents
  15. The most recent technological advancements
  16. The ideal type of governance is democracy
  17. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Future Career
  18. Earthquake Effects
  19. What are the three branches of the US government?
  20. The importance of recycling waste materials
  21. The English Language’s Evolution

Funny Informative college essay topics

The purpose of every informative essay is to educate the reader. Knowledge is not persuading people; people acquire it out of their own will.

At some point in your academic career, whether in high school, middle school, or College, you’ll be asked to write an informative essay. You need to know how your audience will react to your topic after you’ve chosen it.

So that you don’t have to come up with amusing subjects for your college essay on your own, we’ve provided a few suggestions.

  • What will people look like a long time from now?
  • How does driving a race car make you smarter?
  • How can you decorate a Christmas tree in a fun way?
  • Why do some people look like their dogs?
  • How to stop tachycardia?
  • Why do rock stars break their guitars when they’re performing?
  • Write down some funny things that happened at the Olympics
  • How do you get your room clean?
  • How well do songs turn out?
  • Talk about the most famous basketball fails.
  • The most amusing startup ideas that will make you money
  • Media coverage of domestic abuse
  • If my pet could speak, it would become my closest buddy
  • The most entertaining museums in the United States
  • Why is the grass on the other side of the fence greener?
  • Why do some humans and their pets have the same appearance?
  • Family meals’ risks and how to prevent them
  • Life should have music playing in the background
  • In 2050, what will life be like?
  • The most enjoyable instructors teach the most
  • Games and Masks: Authenticity against Politeness
  • How Come Skinny Models Are Still a Modern Beauty Standard?
  • today’s society, can women be considered the weaker sex?
  • A New Kind of Culture Is Created by Television
  • What’s Wrong With Stupid Cat Videos?
  • Ethical dilemmas Surrogate motherhood in its many facets
  • A Look at the Problems in Successful and Unhappy Relationships
  • Is Laziness a Path to Success?
  • The integrity of information reported in the media is under doubt
  • Is the rush of adrenaline worth the danger?


Sample application college essay topics list

What should high school students discuss in their application essays to universities? Although no one area of study may ensure acceptance to the school of your choice. Everyone may use their own life experiences to generate compelling application essays.

Let’s take a closer look at the word “topic” first. When first coined, it meant anything like a “debatable matter.” That’s why you shouldn’t go hunting for one! There aren’t very many essays written on hotly debated topics. To hell with winning, convincing, and proving oneself superior to others.

Have you completed your last college essay yet? In your essay, you may share your background, passions, obstacles, and opinions with the admissions committee. However, people who have never written an essay about themselves may find it challenging. Check out our list of example essay themes for college applications if you’re stuck for ideas.

  • Publish your tale. For a college essay, this may be the most crucial subject. It’s a great way to see whether you’re a good writer if you tell others about yourself.
  • It is recognizing and overcoming setbacks. It reveals your true character to all who see it.
  • Refuting a preconceived notion. Do you have the ability to think creatively outside of the box?
  • Finding a Solution to a Challenge. It demonstrates your capacity for analytical reasoning.
  • Progress in one’s self what shaped you into the person you are now?
  • What catches your attention? It reveals a little about who you are to those who know you.
  • You get to choose the subject. There is an indication of your writing and thinking abilities via this.
  • What makes you want to come to this school? It’s a question that’s often asked. You’ll have to make an excellent first impression with your writing!
  • What are some of your favorite books? It’s an excellent essay since you’ll be able to address the question!
  • Are you involved in a worthwhile extracurricular activity? With this essay, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you’re more than simply a student.

In conclusion

Despite the abundance of resources available, more than 80% of students have difficulty coming up with interesting subjects for college essays. There is a lot of work involved in deciding on an essay subject. Focus on topics that pique your curiosity, that you can argue passionately about with your classmates, and that can keep a lecture hall full of people talking for hours.

The best themes for college essays are those that either spark your curiosity or encourage you to find out more. Your writing will resonate with confident readers because of your apparent interest in the topic. The first step in writing a good college essay is picking a topic. Don’t be shy about seeking advice if you’re having trouble thinking of exciting themes for your college essays.