How to Write Great Product Descriptions


Equally important as the programming on your website should be the quality of your product descriptions. It enhances the user experience, lends credibility to your company, boosts your online reputation, and increases conversions.

You need not be concerned if you do not consider yourself a wordsmith. You do not need to be Shakespeare to improve sales with product descriptions. This lesson will teach you how to write product descriptions.

A good product description definition

Do you need clarification as to what constitutes a decent product description? Before we get into the mechanics of how to write a compelling product description, let’s first define what it is.

Your product description serves as a sales pitch. To begin, a decent product description will improve sales on your website. Customers are more likely to buy your products if they are knowledgeable about them and have a personal connection to them.

A product description favorably reflects your brand and target market. It might help bridge the gap between who your customers are and what your brand represents. Furthermore, it is one of the last acts purchasers take before making a purchase.

Strong product descriptions increase your online store’s rating. You already understand how SEO works in cycles. You’ll get more visitors and sales if more people can find your website.



The importance of product description

Consider SEO when developing or changing your website. Establishing a captivating, informative, and accurate product description is essential, even if describing your product may appear to be second nature. Unfortunately, the product description needs to be more frequently addressed.

Consider the significance of product description. Product descriptions serve two purposes: customer marketing and search engine optimization. If your product description is uninteresting, search engines may rank your website lower.

How would you convince customers to purchase your products without a solid description? A good product description goes beyond merely describing the thing in question. To attract a consumer’s attention, compose a comprehensive description that addresses any questions they may have.

Creating a great product description

As was already mentioned, it is insufficient to list the features of your product. The following actions must be taken while crafting an excellent product description:

  1. Consult with your intended audience

If adolescent boys and girls are your target market, talk in their language. You would use a different language to market skateboards than selling tractors.




  1. Be more than just about features.

Even if you list the good things about your product, buyers want to know how it can help them solve their problems. Instead of talking about the product’s features, tell buyers what it can do for them.

Do you want to do better than your competitors? Please make a product film that goes into detail about the item and shows off its best parts.

  1. Make use of your creativity.

Your customers won’t be able to examine your wares physically, so you must equip them with as much mental imagery as possible. When describing your products, using sensory descriptions can help readers form a more concrete mental image.

I am writing a good product description: a complete guide

There are several variables to consider while composing a compelling product description. Here are some tips for writing a compelling product description.

  1. Before writing, consider essential questions.

Before you start writing, ask a few questions to help you decide what to write. These questions are more or less a mix of questions about the product and the buyer.

Questions about products are usually easy, especially when it comes to specs. But the tone of your online business depends on how you want to talk to your audience and what language they use.

Try to learn as much as possible about the product before writing. This will help you figure out which traits to highlight.

  1. Understand your audience

Knowing your target market is critical for crafting a compelling product description. If you still need to do so, create a buyer persona. Creating your ideal client profile might help multiple teams inside your firm.

A thorough client profile can help you realize what is important to them regarding product descriptions. If you work in a particular field, you understand how critical it is to “speak their language.” If your target audience isn’t highly specialized, you should avoid using a lot of technical jargon.

  • Highlight your product’s benefits

It would help if you focused on its features and benefits in a well-written product description. The abilities are now clearer. You’ll have to work harder to get the benefits and understand your audience better.

But you can use features and benefits to help you come up with new writing ideas. Use a few positive words to highlight your strengths.

  1. Use narrative

After you’ve figured out who you’re talking to, it’s essential to connect with them emotionally.



  1. Use bullet points to make it easier to read.

Generally speaking, extremely long product descriptions are optional. The product description in the example above is slightly longer than usual because it pertains to a product sold at an extremely high price range.

The product description should generally be kept concise and easy to read. In this case, bullet points may be beneficial.

Remember that your users may only read the bullet points and overlook the rest of the description. Because of this, it’s imperative to draw attention to the most important qualities and benefits here.

  1. Think about SEO and how keywords can help

While this will most likely come automatically if you create a solid product description, remembering your keywords is critical. According to SEO, using the appropriate keywords will assist your site rise up in the search rankings.

Aside from that, we’ve previously covered product reviews in one of the tips. Collecting and displaying product reviews is a terrific method to develop trust, but it also improves your SEO. Again, from an SEO standpoint, your page will profit immensely by considering those crucial keywords.

  • Take pictures and record videos.

When we consider product descriptions, we immediately conjure up visuals and language. However, pay attention to the significance of the other components of the product page, which are essential to a successful sale.

For SEO, you should optimize the alt text of your photographs, but images can also answer customer questions. Ensure the images contain as much information as possible regarding the product’s various applications.

Examples of writing product descriptions

Online shoppers rely heavily on product descriptions to help them make purchases. Buyers are persuaded to purchase if they can see how a service or product aligns with their values and helps them overcome their problems.

If they don’t, they’ll move on to something else. For this reason, writing engaging product descriptions is becoming increasingly crucial for the success of online retailers.

We’ve culled the best examples of product descriptions from some of the world’s most reputable brands.

Browse through these to get ideas for writing persuasive product descriptions.

  1. Revlon

Revlon is an excellent example of a company with a website that gives detailed product information. On each page is a bulleted list of what the product is and what it does. The brand also uses descriptive words like “refreshed,” “healthy,” and “radiant” to get buyers’ attention as they read about the product.

  1. Nintendo

We’ve gone over the importance of enhanced content in PDP optimization and how it gives advertisers an advantage in Amazon advertising. By adding video on your product page, you, like Nintendo, may improve the shopping process and increase sales.

  • Clorox

The product description for Clorox is right at the top of the page. It tells you what the product is and how it works. The brand uses bullet lists to show advantages quickly and in an easy-to-read way.

Best writers of product descriptions

Your products and services must stand out from the crowd. A qualified product description writer will develop and polish the aspects that distinguish your merchandise so everyone can appreciate them.

The ideal candidate understands SEO strategies, conversational language, and audience targeting and has a flair for words. Product descriptions that are of high quality lead to sales. At, we have the most significant product description writers.

Writers of product descriptions begin by knowing about the product’s defining features and the intended audience. A prospective consumer’s personality profile aids them in comprehending the product characteristics that will be relevant to them. They also understand the product’s benefits, such as environmental friendliness or health benefits.

Template for the complete product description

You can now start writing the description for your product, but we won’t leave it all up to you. We’ll look at the details that need to be in your product description template to get more customers to buy.

  • Create a product description for your target customer

Your customer research will assist you in crafting a product description that communicates directly to your target purchaser. Remember the problems they’re aiming to solve with your product. Assist customers in feeling assured that your product will fulfill their needs.

  • To make your listing more readable, optimize the content

When making a purchase, customers want to rapidly skim your description to determine whether their needs match your offer. Making your buyer’s product description simple to grasp is ideal.

Many merchants achieve this by using short, simple phrases and punctuation to reduce the burden of reading a long passage of text. To highlight the benefits of your product, use bullets. Here, bullet points could be helpful.

Consider utilizing all capital letters to draw attention to crucial product characteristics in your description.

Being succinct in your product title is also beneficial.

  • Showcase the perks of your product

When describing your product, you should focus on its benefits, not its features. People who write with their hands will see and understand the benefit immediately. People sometimes think of benefits as how buyers’ lives will be better if they buy your goods.

  • Take care of any possible customer objections.

Reading product reviews is the quickest way to find customers’ most common complaints. Perhaps they feel their pricing is justified because they believe market alternatives fall short. It’s also possible that the production process or the components employed are significant causes for concern.

If you’ve seen negative comments about a product online, you should address those in your product description.

  • Answer all possible questions

When your product is out on the market and customers to tell you what they think, you’ll know what questions to answer. When you first put up your listing, you’ll have to make assumptions based on previous listings and what you know. Think about what questions you would have about your product if you knew nothing about it before deciding to buy it.

  • With a call-to-action, end

The action you want your customer to take to buy your goods may seem straightforward. But if you want something, it never hurts to ask for it.

Even if you don’t want to state “buy it now explicitly,” you should encourage your customer to proceed to the next stage. It will help if you end your description by requesting that the reader try your products.

Including your product guarantee in the final sentence of your product description is a discreet way to do this.

The benefits of writing product descriptions

Undoubtedly, product descriptions are crucial to the success of an e-commerce store. Creating original and engaging product descriptions for your online business will attract consumers and result in many sales.

There are a few reasons why creating product descriptions might be helpful.

  1. Informing consumers

Customers can get more information about the item they are interested in by reading product descriptions, which are educational materials. To increase sales, ensure each product in your online store has a concise, engaging, and informative product description.

The buyer will be better able to choose your product after reading your product description.

  1. Increases customer trust

People can detect a liar. Product descriptions must be genuine and contain specific language that “pushes” consumers into the shopping cart. Ensure that your product descriptions are precise, truthful, and honest to instill confidence in your customers’ purchasing decisions.

  1. Product descriptions boost online business professionalism.

It’s common knowledge that consumers like working professionally with companies that present themselves. More original product descriptions are necessary if you want to maximize sales. A client who follows your link online will expect to see evidence of your expertise.

  1. Assists you in standing out among rivals

You’d better have an exceptional product description if you’re selling the same thing as other online merchants and wholesalers. It will be ideal to have high-quality photographs and intriguing descriptions to help your product stand out.

  1. Aids in boosting conversion rates

To increase conversions, you need to review and reevaluate your product descriptions. Along with great product descriptions, you should also have great reviews from customers if you want to increase sales and beat your competitors. Since you give them good information, they have faith in you.

It will get people to buy something. To do this, the product description must include features and benefits that meet the ideal customer’s needs.

  1. Product descriptions elicit purchasing emotions.

People pay for emotions. They purchase emotions. We can use Words and visuals to elicit buying emotions.

  1. It helps visitors stay on your website longer.

Visitors are more likely to purchase the longer they stay on your website. Customers staying on your website for a more extended period show that you offer something interesting.

Google recognizes your website as significant, current, and fascinating when consumers spend more time there. It means they have viewed a particular item, image, or piece of information you have to provide. Your position in search engine results for related products in your category will rise.

  1. It helps you improve your Pay per Click outcomes.

You won’t be charged unless the customer who clicked your link makes a purchase. PPC can help increase traffic, but only if it’s implemented properly.

What should be done, exactly? It would help if you started by writing a compelling product description with the right keyword. When creating Google Shopping ads, use the same term to increase click-through.

  1. Assists you in enhancing your e-commerce SEO

Each product description has to incorporate a relevant keyword. There should be at least one relevant keyword to rank for in every product description. This boosts the SEO for your online store.

Don’t clutter product descriptions with keywords; add those that will help them rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Imagine having outstanding product descriptions for every item in your online shop optimized with relevant keywords. Your organic search traffic goes rises as a result.

Employ freelancers to write product descriptions


A product description is an essential part of an e-commerce site that helps customers decide whether or not to buy something. People who buy things online can’t see or touch them, so they must rely on the product description to tell them everything they need to know.

A well-written product description can help customers picture the product and connect their needs to how you can use it. With more people shopping online, online store owners need to use services that write product descriptions to get the word out about their goods.

A good product description not only turns casual visitors into buyers but also helps companies stay ahead of the competition in global markets. Product description writers can help you start an online business or improve your existing one.

How to find a product description writer

Do you need help formulating compelling product descriptions? If English is not your first language, consider hiring a product description writer.

It takes time to find a talented author. On ProBlogger, Fiverr, or Guru, you can find experienced writers for product descriptions. Examine a writer’s assessments, previous work, and clients to determine the caliber of their product descriptions.

How to create an excellent product description: your answer

The product description is your last chance to persuade a customer to buy your product. Extra work will result in better-communicated product descriptions and a more substantial client base.

Learn how to develop SEO-friendly product descriptions for your eCommerce site to attract customers to your business. All KPIs will rise with time, including sales, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

This is an essential initial step if you still need a storefront or a fully functional website. Do you want to learn how to create an e-commerce website? As fate would have it, Constant Contact offers an easy and quick way to build a professional website and a flourishing eCommerce business.

You may advance from wanting a web store to having one, at which point you’ll have the skills to quickly and easily produce great product descriptions. Is it your intention to increase sales ?’s staff is happy to assist.


To sum it up

Product descriptions are crucial, as has already been proven. A poor description could destroy your brand no matter how wonderfully your website or advertisements are designed. It impacts all areas, including SEO optimization, public relations, professional image, and sales and conversion rates.

You’ll want to enhance it once you realize the advantages a strong product description can provide for your business. You might write a product description, but there are several advantages to working with a pro. What else are you waiting for? Please contact us as soon as possible.