You will be asked to write and submit an argumentative essay as a student. Want to write an argumentative essay about health but don’t know where to start? Stop worrying!

In this article, I’ll provide tips for picking a great subject for your argumentative essay and crafting an excellent paper. We have provided you with over two hundred great topics for a health-related argumentative essay. Peruse this article for some engaging issues you may use in your argumentative essay.

Argumentative essay topics on health for students

Good essay topics for an argumentative essay may be drawn from any study area. Feel free to peruse the following suggestions if you find yourself at a loss. You’ll find over two hundred excellent options for an argumentative essay about health here. Take some time to review the options and choose a debated subject you feel confident discussing. Here are some suggestions for health-related argumentative essay themes if that’s more your style.

  1. Is fast food beneficial to health?
  2. Is counseling the only option for treating anxiety and depression?
  3. Why do people travel abroad for medical care?
  4. Is eating meat unhealthy for you?
  5. Are energy drinks more energizing?
  6. What negative consequences do cell phones have on health?
  7. Talk about the effects of poor medical care.
  8. Which diet, a vegan one or a conventional one, is healthier?
  9. How to help adolescents keep a healthy weight
  10. What do you think about physicians pushing medications?
  11. How does people’s health in the 21st century relate to societal conditions?
  12. Share your thoughts about using animals in medical research
  13. Which healthcare system, the public or the private, is preferable?
  14. Is addiction to drugs and alcohol a disease?
  15. Are free medical services a right for everyone?
  16. Must euthanasia be forbidden?
  17. Which needs more attention, one’s physical or mental health?
  18. There should be restrictions on human medical testing
  19. In Western nations, the price of healthcare services is costly
  20. Which is preferable between womb transplantation and surrogate pregnancy?
  21. Can cloning help people?


How to select health argumentative essay topics

Do you dread having to write an essay like so many others? The challenge of picking an essay subject is real. It’s a stressful procedure with potential pitfalls, like choosing the incorrect topic or falling asleep in class. It’s already tough enough to write an argumentative essay, but adding criticism makes things much more complicated. Read on if you need help deciding what to write about in an argumentative health essay. This piece will discuss the factors that make the right decision.

  1. Brainstorm ideas

Creating a list of potential essay topics is the first step in narrowing down your choices and ultimately settling on the best one. The best way to come up with exciting ideas is to think about things that you find interesting. Good articles can only be written on things that interest the writer. The items you encounter and learn about in your everyday life, in books, on television, in the news, in social concerns, etc., may all be sources of inspiration. Make sure you are an expert in your chosen area and that it shows in the material you produce.

  1. Determine the audience

Figure out who you’ll be writing for in your argumentative essay. Consider your readership while choosing an essay subject. If you are producing a student essay, for example. You may write on anything that interests them, from social media and technological developments to movies and beyond. As a result, consider your audience before selecting a subject. Choose wisely if your sole reader will be your professor.

  1. Choose an arguable topic.

Many topics may pique your curiosity, but not everything deserves an article. In addition, not every topic will inspire a compelling essay. An argumentative paper has to be on something that can be debated to be effective. Without room for disagreement, the writer will struggle to provide convincing proof. Therefore, the writer should choose a hotly debated topic.

Topics for argumentative essays on mental health

Professors often give argumentative essays to college students. Essay writing is difficult overall, but it all starts with picking the correct subject. Certain subjects have been covered so extensively that they no longer provide new insights. As an example, think about mental health. An explanation of the genre and some potential themes for a paper on the topic of the healthy debate are provided. It is essential to keep in mind that the subject of your essay has to be controversial to spark a meaningful discussion. A well-established fact cannot be used as a basis for an argument. These suggestions for ideas for argumentative essays about mental health can get you started.

  • Should the DSM V be looked over again and changed?
  • Are Americans taking too many pills?
  • Is there a link between how many hours you work and the chance of getting a mental illness?
  • Does social media hurt your mind?
  • Should people who were diagnosed with disorders that were taken off the DSM get money back?
  • Is the United States mental health system behind other countries?
  • Is it better or worse for mental health to work from home?
  • Is there a secret mental illness epidemic in the United States?
  • Which diagnosis should be taken out of the DSM V?
  • Does social media make people more likely to have a narcissistic personality disorder?
  • Is there a connection between being good at art and mental illness?
  • Should health insurance pay for mental health problems caused by COVID-19?
  • Should mental health care be covered more by health insurance?
  • How vital are the signs that COVID-19 causes mental health problems?
  • How should drug addiction be dealt with?
  • Is it true that popular culture downplays the importance of mental health?
  • Should care for mental health be free?
  • Are there too many mental health conditions given to American children?
  • Are there too many diagnoses of mental health problems in the United States?

Mental health argumentative essay topics

Many potential subjects for a health argumentative essay make it hard to zero in on a single idea. Here is a collection of original themes for argumentative essays about mental health that you won’t discover anywhere else.

  1. Environmental factors’ influence on mental health
  2. Alcoholism and psychiatric disorders
  • Drug abuse and mental illness
  1. How to protect your mental health from the dangers of social media
  2. Physical and psychological health consequences of total isolation
  3. Stress as a precursor to mental disorders
  • Common mental disorders in the united states
  • The economic cost of depression and anxiety disorders
  1. The impact of anxiety disorders on quality of life
  2. Physical activity provides mental health benefits
  3. The influence of violence on mental disorders
  • Adult depression and anxiety disorders
  • Homeless people’s mental health issues
  • Anxiety disorders: cognitive-behavioral therapy
  1. The social impact of mental disorders
  • Social isolation and loneliness’ effects on severe mental disorders

Healthcare argumentative essay topics

When it comes to healthcare, you won’t have trouble thinking of a good essay subject. Here are some healthcare argumentative essay themes to get you started. Pick the one that interests you the most and answer it in essay form.

  1. What are the current healthcare issues in the US?
  2. What connection exists between the pandemic and depression?
  • What makes pneumonia risky?
  1. What are the cultural variations in health promotion and pain management?
  2. What modern problems do teenagers currently face?
  3. How can medical treatment make you a better person?
  • Healthcare payment methods and systems
  • What are the difficulties with healthcare professionals’ socioeconomic and legal protection?

Health and fitness argumentative essay topics

Selecting a debatable subject is the starting point for every argumentative essay. To that end, we’ve devised an excellent answer to your problem. It’s not uncommon to look blankly at the ceiling for long periods when attempting to compose an argumentative essay. To aid you in selecting a subject, we have compiled a list of the top argumentative essay themes related to health and fitness.

  1. Should healthcare be made available to all?
  2. GMOs, are they good or harmful?
  • Is it proper for doctors to promote drugs to patients?
  1. Is physical health as vital as mental health?
  2. Do we value sleep too little?
  3. Are energy drinks good for you?
  • Is fasting well for you?
  • why students should be required to take physical education and health classes
  1. Does meditation aid in maintaining fitness?
  2. Good nutrition alone won’t keep you in shape.
  3. How health watches aid in creating effective fitness regimens
  • Can you be overweight and healthy?
  • Technology’s harmful consequences on health
  • A flawed approach to losing weight is to starve yourself
  1. Even the elderly need frequently exercise
  • The finest exercises for those with diabetes
  • How physical activity lowers anxiety
  • Depression can be fought through exercise
  • What physical activities are ideal for women?
  1. Can unhealthy foods and exercise coexist?
  • How physical activity combats diabetes

Medical field argumentative essay topics

We’re here to help, so please choose a topic on which you already have some background information. Paying attention to how a hospital runs might be prudent. You’ll be able to tailor your essay-writing methods to the specific requirements of your classes. If you’re a working student trying to juggle a full course load, you probably don’t have time to brainstorm contentious health-related argumentative essay ideas. They’re ready to go now that we’ve gotten started on them. Topic selection should be based on your preferences and the knowledge you already possess in the subject area. Therefore, some suggestions for argumentative essay themes in the medical profession are:

  1. Should there be systematic and supervised regulation of antibiotic use?
  2. Are health campaigns effective instruments in illness prevention and control?
  • Should vaccines against infectious diseases among children be mandatory?
  1. Should euthanasia be made legal?
  2. Should teenagers be given contraception?
  3. Should marijuana be classified as a prescription drug for pain relief?
  • Should life-saving medical procedures be made accessible in the United States?
  • Should obesity be America’s most significant health threat?
  1. Has the Affordable Care Act reduced US healthcare quality?
  2. Should CAM be included in national healthcare?
  3. Has digital technology widened the quality gap in US health care?
  • Does tax reform favor some healthcare providers over others?
  • Should homeless and poor Americans get free healthcare?

Topics for health essays

Doing a health essay is simple when a lecturer assigns a subject you already know. Finding the necessary information is as easy as using your computer, phone, or tablet to access the internet or visiting your local library. Now, you can even purchase essays online. It’s unnerving if a professor gives you a health essay, gives you a due date, and then leaves without providing any feedback or help. Choose the two that you find most relevant to your health essay from this list.

  1. ways to live a healthier lifestyle
  2. Should fast food outlets feed students unhealthy food?
  3. Does being in good health make you happier?
  4. How to establish better-eating practices
  5. The most pressing health issues affecting young people today
  6. The essence of a healthy lifestyle for teenagers
  7. How can the rate of teen pregnancy be decreased?

Healthcare topics to write about

Several factors should be considered before settling on a topic of care to write about. This is because the topic has so much room for creativity and variety. Regardless of your field, you may discover exciting angles on public healthcare to write about. Does medicine pique your interest? After that, you may want to consider how these concepts relating to health might be used to broaden your perspective.

  1. Benefits and drawbacks of paid and free medical care
  2. Is a patient’s death a surefire way to end their suffering?
  3. Euthanasia’s ethical and moral implications
  4. The moral position of religion on physician-assisted suicide
  5. Concerns about ethics surrounding surrogacy
  6. Can one classify homeopathy as a pseudoscience?
  7. significant forms of eating disorders
  8. how vital health insurance is
  9. The benefits and drawbacks of euthanasia

Topics for health essays for high school students

If you’re writing an argumentative essay about health care, choose a subject you know a lot about. We place a premium on learning since it is impossible to get good marks in school while composing essays on topics with which you are inexperienced. Here is a selection of easy-to-write-about but specific subjects for high school students articles about health.

  • How to Manage Anorexia Nervosa
  • How to Handle School Stress
  • What are the signs of adolescent depression?
  • Do poor grades imply a lack of intelligence?
  • Health issues that may arise as a result of bulimia
  • What causes persistent insomnia?
  • The value of adolescents leading healthy lifestyles
  • Why do young people experiment with drugs?
  • What is the connection between happiness and health?
  • How can traumatic experiences in childhood impact the emergence of dissociative disorders?
  • Trends in disease and the provision of medical care
  • Tips for leading a healthier life
  • What causes the problem of childhood obesity?
  • How to change to a healthier diet
  • The children’s health problems that are currently causing the most concern
  • The critical components of a healthy adolescent lifestyle

Nursing research argument topics

Those who aspire to the nursing profession need to be physically and mentally prepared for challenges at every stage of their education. Students will need to do more than sit in on lectures and complete clinical to prepare for a career in nursing; instead, they’ll need to take part in a wide range of experiences. Although they may prefer to focus on their studies, nursing students have no choice but to do extra coursework, including argumentative essays. Some topics in nursing education have no easy answers, but students may learn them through writing argumentative essays. We understand that students often struggle with coming up with compelling and relevant arguments for their articles in the nursing field. Here are some of the most influential ideas for essays about health and the specific guidance students need. We respectfully ask that students review the arguments and choose the most effective ones they feel they can defend. Below is a listing of the most and least preferred views for nursing research. We’re confident that students won’t have any trouble coming up with content for the themes listed below since they’re both engaging and doable in terms of research.

  1. Do nurses enjoy the same respect as physicians?
  2. Should doctors be given more credit than nurses?
  • Can nurses’ quality of work suffer by working overtime?
  1. Compared to doctors, nurses work harder.
  2. Compared to female nurses, male nurses are more numb to patients
  3. Should it be illegal to sexualize nurses?
  • Nurses show more patience than doctors.
  • Do nurses have the authority to give patients medication?
  1. Is it OK for nurses to be forced to work overtime?
  2. What is the ideal ratio of nurses to patients in a hospital?
  3. Should nurses receive pay equal to that of doctors?
  • Doctors should not be as vigilant as nurses.
  • Nurses should show more compassion than by doctors
  • Are nurses generally negligent?
  1. Do nurses experience more stress than physicians?
  • Are nurses more protected from health risks than doctors?
  • Compared to non-sexualized nurses, sexualized nurses are better at handling psychological concerns.


Ideas for argumentative essay topics

Feel like you can’t get anything written down? One of the most challenging aspects of writing an essay is coming up with a good subject. An argumentative essay is a kind of academic writing you probably first encountered and were required to register for in high school. Here is a list of argumentative essay topics we’ve come up with in case you’re stuck for inspiration. As a bonus, this article will provide strategies for deciding on a subject and building a convincing argument. Finally, you want to convince your reader that your point of view is the most reasonable one. Choosing an excellent topic is as essential as making exciting points. To excel academically, you must provide your professor with a well-written argumentative essay on a subject of their choosing. You can find fantastic suggestions for argumentative essay topics in the following list. Pick a subject that interests you and get started writing your essay.

  1. Does the death penalty work?
  2. How many justices on the Supreme Court are ideal?
  • Does religion fuel conflict?
  1. Should elected officials have separate term limits?
  2. Do men deserve paternity leave?
  3. Is free birth control necessary?
  • Should abortion be permitted?
  • Is more extended maternity leave necessary?
  1. Should teen access to condoms be expanded?
  2. Should tobacco be outlawed?
  3. Should the government decide what we eat?
  • What is the best way to fight the obesity epidemic?
  • Does technology help make healthcare more or less personalized?
  • Should it be illegal to smoke?
  1. Is it the parent’s fault that their kids are overweight?
  • Do you think the age to drink should go down?

Health papers topics

You need help coming up with a subject for your college health project, but you have no idea where to start. It’s not easy, and we get that, but we’re here to assist you. Below are some excellent themes for a health paper that will help you get the most significant possible mark. Please choose one of the themes we’ve provided for you below that relates to a health-related debate. Exciting and engaging topics are the key to a successful health report. Look for health-related things you know about. Writing papers on health-related themes might be challenging for those without a clear point of departure. The following are some exciting health-related topics:

  1. How do environmental changes affect human health?
  2. The effect of urban pollution on respiratory illnesses
  3. Coronavirus
  4. Tobacco and alcohol control
  5. Diseases caused by a lack of physical activity
  6. Diabetes is a public health concern
  7. Examination of oral health
  8. Good eating habits

In conclusion

We can assist if you’re struggling to think of suitable subjects for a healthy argumentative essay or don’t have the time to do it independently. You’ve reached the right spot if you need suggestions for topics for an argumentative essay. If you can’t seem to come up with a subject for your essay, you might always hire a service to do it for you. If you need assistance, please do not hesitant to contact us.