Capella University Capstone Nursing Paper

Capella University Capstone Nursing Paper


Throughout this capstone course, you will be investigating a patient, family, or population health problem relevant to your practice. For this assessment, you will identify the problem that you will address throughout your clinical practicum in this course, as well as begin to establish your evidence and research base to plan, implement, and share findings related to your project. The Problem Identification Template [DOC] will guide you through development of a problem statement, evidence collection and analysis, and best practices to help you create your implementation plan for the second assessment in this course.


Your submission for this assessment will be the completed template. When working through the template, you may use the resources provided in this course; however, most of your research and search for evidence will be conducted by you. Use the Capella University Library, professional organization and government resources, and relevant organizational best practices as sources of evidence. This is the capstone course for your BSN degree; your goal is to demonstrate your achievement of the program outcomes through your work on this project. Capella University Capstone Nursing Paper

The following are some health issues that would be appropriate for your project:

  • Diabetes self-management.
  • Hypertension management and prevention.
  • Medication reconciliation within a family or group.
  • Parkinson’s disease support group.
  • Patient family education communication improvements.
  • Postoperative home care.

This list is by no means exhaustive. You should choose a patient, family, or population health issue that is relevant to your practice and organization; you must be able to study the problem in your clinical practicum effectively.

Problem Identification Template

The following is a guide to organize your assignment. Please be sure to remove the guiding questions and comments for each section. You are expected to write in a professional and academically appropriate manner throughout. Make sure you are using proper APA style and citations throughout.

Define a patient, family, or population health problem, and realistic goals, that are relevant to personal practice.
  • Introduce a general summary of the health problem that you will be exploring.
  • Provide a brief context for the patient, family, or population struggling with this health problem.
  • Propose one or more goals that you deem appropriate and relevant to the health problem.
  • Briefly state why this health problem is relevant to your personal practice. Capella University Capstone Nursing Paper
Analyze evidence from the literature and professional sources to support decisions related to defining and guiding nursing actions related to a health problem.
  • Compare and contrast the authors you will be citing, discussing pros and cons of the evidence you are reading about.
  • Note whether the authors provide supporting evidence from the literature that is consistent with what you see in your nursing practice.
  • Assess the quality of the data presented in the articles you are reading.
  • Discuss how you would know if the data were unreliable.
  • Include what the literature says about barriers to evidence-based practice.
  • Describe research studies that present opposing views regarding this health problem.
  • Describe what the literature says about a nursing theory or conceptual framework that might frame and guide your actions during your clinical practicum. Capella University Capstone Nursing Paper


Propose potential strategies to improve patient or population outcomes related to a health problem.

  • Cite any known authors who have recommended leadership strategies for nurses to use when providing care to this patient population.
  • Discuss research on the effectiveness of these strategies in improving patient or population outcomes regarding this health problem.
  • Describe what the literature says about patient-centered care, empowering patients to make health care decisions, involving families in patient care, incorporating patient preferences to improve outcomes, prevent illness, and lower readmissions to hospitals.
  • Discuss ways your role as a nurse leader will help improve patient outcomes as described in the literature.


Reflect on state board nursing practice standards relevant to a project related to a health problem.
  • Discuss how your state’s nurse practice act will guide your actions in terms of this health problem for this patient or population.
  • Identify the most surprising thing that you found while reading your state’s nurse practice act.
  • Describe the effects of local, state, and federal laws on your nursing scope of practice and care for this patient or population.
  • Explain how nursing ethics will inform your intervention in this clinical practicum. Capella University Capstone Nursing Paper


Remember to compile your APA-formatted reference list.