NRS429VN4 Nontraditional Family Structure Assignment

NRS429VN4 Nontraditional Family Structure Assignment

DQ 1:What is a definition of family that encompasses the different family structures prevalent today? Discuss the importance of acknowledging nontraditional family structures. Explain how family systems theory can be used to better understand the interactions of a modern family (traditional or nontraditional).

DQ 2 : Why is the concept of family health important? Consider the various strategies for health promotion. How does a nurse determine which strategy would best enable the targeted individuals to gain more control over, and improve, their health?  NRS429VN4 Nontraditional Family Structure Assignment



Read Chapter 4 in Health Promotion: Health and Wellness Across the Continuum.

Read “Calgary Family Intervention Model: One Way to Think About Change,” by Wright and Leahey, from Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (1994).

Read “Calgary Model of Family Assessment: Experience in a Community Service Project,” by Mantelo Cecilio, Sturiao dos Santos, and Silva Marcon, from Cogitare Enfermagem (2014).

For additional information, the following is recommended: Chapters 3 and 4 from the online eBook, Nurses and Families: A Guide to Family Assessment and Intervention, by Wright and Leahey (2012), available through ProQuest Ebook Central in the GCU Library.

Read “Application of the Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models: Reflections on the Reciprocity Between the Personal and the Professional,” by Leahey and Wright, from Journal of Family Nursing (2016). NRS429VN4 Nontraditional Family Structure Assignment