General biology of the disorder ploydactyl

Pick a historic topic/person/event that we have covered in class and do a 15 slide Power Point/Prezi. 
BE CREATIVE. Please let me know what your topic is by the end of Week 6 so that I may approve it. I want to make sure you do not have too broad of a topic. 
You must turn in an outline with at least 5 sources in APA format. You may use the textbook as one source. DO NOT USE AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OR WIKIPEDIA. 
The final project is due Sunday February February 25th.
Assigned genetic disorder is Ploydactyl
Create an informational brochure about your assigned genetic disorder. Your audience for this brochure is to educate the general public that has no previous knowledge of the disorder or either someone who has just been diagnosed as having this genetic disorder or someone w3ho is the parent or child of someone who has been diagnosed.
1. General biology of the disorder ploydactyl
2. What are some of the symptoms of your assigned genetic disorder?
3. How common is this disorder?
4. How long do people usually live with this disorder? You may want to search terms such as “life expectancy”.
5. Why aren’t there any cure for genetic disorder?
6. What are the treatments for your assigned genetic disorder?
7. What would it be like to live with this disorder?
8. You may need to include information from the perspective of a person living with this disorder or someone who is caring for a person who has this disorder. 
Your brochure must be typed, triple fold and may include figure or picture
Don’t forget to put your name typed on your broture