Topic 3 DQ 1

Topic 3 DQ 1

Please Write a comment base on the text below. Include reference and citation in case you need it.


Health care used be about curing illnesses as they appeared now health care is about prevention. Patient education now happens in a variety of settings. Nurses are now teaching healthy behaviors and discouraging unhealthy behaviors. Included in health promotion is physical, spiritual and mental wellness. It is now the goal of health providers and government to promote a healthy population. We are not just treating a single person but a community. Wellness can be gotten through healthy living such as proper nutrition, health screening and health promotion behaviors. Illness is treated with health promotion behaviors and treatment. Having an illness doesn’t mean you can not live in a state of wellness. Nurses role in health promotion is increasing and it is important that the teaching we provide will get patients at optimal health. When providing teaching we should be giving patient teaching that is EBP because these practices have been proven to give optimal results.

Patient education has become a duty that falls under nursing. Do you feel like you get adequate time in being able to perform patient teaching?

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