Chapter 12 Assignment

Chapter 12 Assignment

T.J. is a 76-year-old man that recently lost his wife. He lives alone now in an ALF where he has some friends that he


associates with. They are “good for his overall well-being” claims the administrators of the facility who befriended T.J. when he lost his wife six months ago. The facility that T.J. lives in is convenient for many aspects of his life, including entertainment and even some of the healthcare associates from neighboring clinics that have partnered with the facility to allow visits with the residents.

Over the years, the associates from the neighboring clinic have grown close to some residents and have followed them during some of their crisis, both emotional and physical. Christine, a nurse practitioner from a neighboring clinic, has followed T.J. for many years and is now assessing his fall risk through a tool called the “Hendrick Fall Risk Tool II” a popular means of assessing the fall risk that may exist for an elderly person.

An entry by the ARNP recently on T.J. demonstrated that there was enough information, recognizing previous and present knowledge to utilize the tool to give T.J. a score representing his fall risk. the entry reads: “T.J. is a 76-year-old that is evaluated today for his fall risk. He has a MedHx of BPH, COPD, seizures, eczema, and anxiety. He has been seen monthly and he described some episodes of nocturia that still persists. A list of his recent mediation includes Alprazolam, Phenytoin, Dutasteride, and ibuprofen prn. By administering the Get Up and Go Test, we find that he only had a brief episode of not being able to rise but he performed well after that completing it in 12 seconds. He demonstrates an improvement in his depression experienced in the past exhibited for several months after the loss of his spouse. His friends at the facility keep him busy and he is much improved in his outlook for the future.” C. Miller ARNP


Read the Fall Risk Assessment for Older Adults article.
Complete the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model tool form completely.
Assign the correct scores for the Fall Risk Tool.
Summarize the scores derived as per fall risk.
Develop a summary of the risks for T.J., so that the facility can respond to those risks and provide a safe environment.
Describe the level of safety that the facility should plan to give T.J.
Finally, explain whether you feel like the score from the Fall Risk Tool is accurate and if the tool is worth the effort to develop.
Your paper should be:
One (1) page or more.
Use factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites.
Cite your sources – type references according to the APA Style Guide. Include at least 3 references no older than 5 years.
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