Respond 1 Topic (Brooke Perrizo ) DQ1

Respond 1 Topic (Brooke Perrizo ) DQ1

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The process for developing nursing standards in each state includes developing a board of nursing (BON) “which further refines the statutes through the development of administrative rules, known as rules or rules and regulations” (Green, S. 2018). Basically, each state’s board of nursing is responsible for dictating the nursing standards specific to that state. Per the Kansas State Board of Nursing (pg 1., 2018), “The governor shall appoint a board consisting of 11 members of which six shall be registered professional nurses, two shall be licensed practical nurses, and three shall be members of the general public, which shall constitute a board of nursing, with the duties, power and authority set forth in this act.” But what happens before this?

The American Nurses’ Association (ANA) begins the process by creating the general scope of practice as well as basic standards that all nurses should follow. From there, specialty organizations take those general standards and develop and revise their own scope and standards of practice (Maloney, P. 2016).

The standards of practice influence the nursing process by defining what nurses can and cannot do in their respective state. They also align with the nursing process in that the Nurse Practice Act (NPA) for Kansas shows what tasks may be delegated to licensed nurses and also what occurrences are known as misconduct. There have been multiple revisions to the standards and scope of practice for the nursing community. In these cases, task forces are developed to revise the standards.


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