Paragraph 6- Long paragraph

Paragraph 6- Long paragraph

Please write a long Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in alphabetical order in case of another source.


Geopolitical community refers to regions political views that guide the government, the economy, laws as well as local and foreign policies. This usually refers to an entire nation and the foreign policies. I live in Ketchikan, Alaska, which is the southeastern part of Alaska. Ketchikan in positioned on the island of Ravillagegido with a population in the winter time of about 8900 people and in the summer time of approximately 10900, we also play host to some days in the summer with 12000 cruise ship passengers. We are the bridge to nowhere that was never built. We have the only international airport in the world that cannot be accessed by a road. We are the first city that you get to when coming to Alaska. On this island we have a Gateway Borough Assembly, Saxman Tribal Council, Ketchikan Indian Corporation, and Ketchikan City Council.

Phenomenological community is a group of people who have shred or like-minded relationship, values, beliefs, and goals. They are not bound by geographical boundaries. There are many that I could think of, like the Catholic Church which we are a part of, the Filipino community which I am part of because I have been married to one for almost 30 years, or the fact that I am a nurse.

There are many difficulties dealing with the diverse population in Ketchikan. The Alaskan Native have their own clinics and health care system, they usually get mad at the providers and stop using their system, there is public health, but they have limited the amount of services and the ages in which they can help people, therefore most people are referred to the Emergency Room and start building up a huge bill. I am pretty sure that this is the same for most communities in Alaska and maybe in other places of the United States as well.

One issue that comes to mind is PCP (Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning). This is a product of the red tide that moves through our area and the vast amount of fresh seafood that is everywhere. I now that they have the
same problems in other nations with the clams and oysters and things. We see this with almost every ethnic group that is our area. They have posted signs around most of the beaches and put out public service announcements.


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