i need help with my assignment

i need help with my assignment

Please review this articlePreview the document as it relates to those question and answer them with your own word.

Question 1


What is the purpose of the study?

Question 2

What is the Independent variable?:

Question 3

What is the dependent variable?:

Question 4

What ethical considerations were addressed by the researcher?

Question 5

What is the study design?

Question 6

How was the sample chosen, how was the sample size determined and what was the final sample?

Question 7

What is the study’s theoretical framework?

Question 8

How was data collected and what data was collected? Describe data collection in terms of variables?

Question 9

What type of analysis was used in the study to arrive at the results?

Question 10

Describe the results based on the purpose of the study (the hypothesis testing).