Topic 1 DQ 1 paragraph 3

Topic 1 DQ 1 paragraph 3

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question.


According to Lake and von Baeyer’s article “Tips for Successful Students”, my strongest characteristic is being responsible and active. I am active in my education by reviewing class materials. I plan my schedule according to deadlines and doing my assignments within a timely manner. I am responsible by taking school work seriously and not procrastinating. Procrastination leads to stress, bad grades and failures. Responsibility is rearranging schedules to make time for course work. Time allotted needs to be realistic so there is ample time for reading, studying, and assignments. This has always been a priority to me in order to succeed and not become overwhelmed.

Being active and responsible in my education will help me become a successful student in the BSN program at GCU, because it will help me focused on my school work. If I am focused, I am more successful! Good time management is a skill that is essential in nursing. Good time management will also mean success in school. By prioritizing, preparing, and organizing course material, I accept responsibility for my learning. Good patient assessment skills are actively listening, thinking, and questioning which I already do on a daily basis. By applying these same skills in this program, they will aid me in becoming a successful student.

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