Topic 5 DQ 1- paragraph 1

Topic 5 DQ 1- paragraph 1

Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in case of another source.



Evidence-based practice (EBP) has been called the “key to delivering the highest quality of health care and ensuring the best patient outcomes”(Friberg & Creasia, 2015). Such initiatives include practice adoption; education and curricular realignment; model and theory development; scientific engagement in the new fields of research (Stevens, 2013). According to Friberg and Creasia, “Evidence-based practice results in improvements in the quality of patient care, better patient outcomes, decreased health care costs, and enhanced work satisfaction for nurses.” (2015). In my personal practice of working in emergency medicine, I am continually reading and researching the newest ways things are being done. With my clinical knowledge combined with the consideration for patients unique values I am able to provide superior care for my patients and their support systems.

One way evidence based practice is being used in specialty of work, is in regards to the opioid crisis. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, ” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working to empower states to implement comprehensive strategies, including MATs, for preventing prescription-drug overdoses. These strategies focus primarily on addressing the overdose epidemic through enhanced surveillance, effective policies, and clinical practices that establish statewide prescribing norms.” (2014). The providers i work with have been more diligent in not over prescribing opioid to patients, as well as the nurses have been working harder to educate patients on the side-effects and dangers of using them.

Evidence based practice improves not only the patient, but also the person providing it.

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