Religious and Cultural Considerations in Healthcare Paper

Religious and Cultural Considerations in Healthcare Paper

Written Assignment – Religious and Cultural Considerations


The terms diversity and inclusion have a number of definitions and concepts associated with them. In your own words, define the terms diversity and inclusion.

There are numerous benefits and advantages of having a diverse workplace environment, especially in healthcare. Discuss in detail two benefits or advantages to having a diverse and inclusive workforce environment and how each improves patient experience and outcomes.

Lastly, identify and describe a situation that you might encounter in your role as an allied healthcare provider where it would be necessary to exhibit and display diversity awareness skills and knowledge to resolve the situation that is beneficially for everyone involved. This situation might be between you and patient or a coworker. Make sure you discuss why diversity awareness skills and knowledge would be necessary to resolve the situation.

Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length and be in APA formatting. Please make sure to provide details.



This week we look at a several very important topics:

Medical Malpractice. We will examine the laws and other legal and factual determinants regarding medical malpractice. These include the definition of malpractice, ways to prove or disprove malpractice; and defenses to malpractice.
Public and Private Duties of Healthcare Providers. Healthcare providers have certain reporting duties for public health and safety matters. Providers must also comply with many laws such as the Food and Drug Act. The also need to protect their employees from drug abuse and mental health problems.
Workplace Law and Ethics. There are many considerations to protect the healthcare worker from injury, discrimination and assuring they receive promised compensation and benefits. Concomitantly, healthcare workers have duties to patients and duties of maintaining competence and professional licensure.
*********The Written Assignment asks us to write about two diversity issues that we will face in our healthcare careers. Typically, these will relate to a patient’s unique culture or religion. America is a multi-cultural society and many of us live and work in very diverse communities. By 2042, America will be a majority-minority country. Probably by the 2080s or so, it will be a majority Spanish country. Like Canada, which has both French and English speakers, it is expected that people learn both languages. If a person wants to succeed in business, a profession or in education, they will have to be bilingual.***************

For all Written Assignments, make sure to follow APA requirements, and make sure to cite your references in text and on the Reference Page.

The Discussion Question also examines Medical Malpractice.

Here is a link to a short video addressing avoiding medical malpractice.