Leadership Strategy Memo

Leadership Strategy Memo

Scenario: You have been functioning in your healthcare COO role for several months and have a relatively solid


understanding of the leadership styles present in the organization. The CEO has requested that you develop a strategic leadership team to design the new 5-year strategic plan for the organization. He would like you to assess the different styles of leadership present in the organization and how these styles would complement one another as a synergistic team. The CEO would also like you to search strategic leadership models present in other industries (e.g., business) and whether there are take-aways from these models that would be appropriate for the healthcare setting. Is transformational leadership the only effective leadership style? How do leadership styles complement one another? What leadership styles would be beneficial for the strategic leadership team?


The memo should be at least 1, but no more than 2 pages, single-spaced.
Use terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings.
You need to cite at least 4 sources for this assignment.
Use APA 6th.