Healthcare Reimbursement and Expenditures

Healthcare Reimbursement and Expenditures

Answer the questions below. Your responses to the items below should be thorough, well-conceived college-level


responses that are grammatically correct. Please write your answers in complete sentences. Justify your responses with facts and details from your reading assignment and other credible sources as needed. Provide examples as required.


How are private and public reimbursement systems different? An appropriate response for this question is one to two paragraphs. Provide an example of a form of public and private reimbursement.
What are three drivers of healthcare expenditures? Briefly describe each driver. An appropriate response for this question is one to two paragraphs.
Summarize the impact of the ACA healthcare financing provisions on the following:
Medicaid expansion
Health insurance exchanges
Penalties and taxes
An appropriate response for each part of this question is one to two sentences.
Interpret the impact of each of the following on the potential reimbursement for healthcare suppliers:
Accountable Care Organization Model
Hospital value-based purchasing program
Bundled payments for care improvement initiatives
An appropriate response is one paragraph for each part of this question.
Each question is worth 25 points.