Organize a Community Health Fair Plan

Organize a Community Health Fair Plan

Your hospital recently opened a new Health and Wellness Center for patients and their families


as well as members of the community. You’ve been asked to take the leadership role in planning and executing a Community Health Fair in November to be held in the new Center. The goal for this health fair is to raise awareness of health issues with a focus on diabetes and involve hospital physicians, nurses, hospital dieticians, and members of the local healthcare community associations like the American Heart Association. In addition, after a recent meeting with local educational leaders, your CEO asks you to include nursing students and nursing faculty from the local community college in the health fair as part of their clinical day. Lastly, your CEO mentions the importance of attendance at the community health fair because they’ve invited local and state dignitaries to attend the event to be scheduled on a Saturday.

The hospital marketing director volunteered to work with you to develop marketing materials and public service announcements; however, you need a team of volunteers to accomplish this event. Before you’ve even gathered your team, an announcement about the upcoming community health fair to be held in the new Health and Wellness Center was published in the hospital newsletter highlighting you as the event leader. Shortly thereafter, the hospital facilities director contacted you to let you know they don’t have enough personnel to assign to your weekend event, nor do they have enough tables and chairs for any exhibitors or for the health screenings. It seems you have your work cut out for you!

In your leadership role, clearly identify how you—in a position of influence—will approach this community health fair planning to bring about the successful execution given the qualifiers already attached to it by your CEO.

Length: Minimum 10 pages, not including the title page and the reference page

References: Minimum of 10 scholarly resources.