REsponse to below DQ

REsponse to below DQ

Response to below discussion question 150 words APA format with 1 scholary reference with citation less than 5 years old


Brantley posted Dec 14, 2018 5:40 PM


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Women’s healthcare in the United States (US) is affected by many healthcare disparities such as socioeconomic status, no insurance, and lack of resources. To address the complex needs of the women population healthcare providers must try to understand the dynamic which women are living. There are many government agencies that are available to allow women to receive the care they deserve to meet their needs. These services can provide financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual support (Vest, Caine, Harris, Watson, Menachemi, & Halverson, 2018).

The Department of Human Services is a state agency that aids women with obtaining medical, nutrition, and mental health assistance, as well as safe living environments for women affected by abuse (Bagley & Levy, 2014). The Health department of Bay County in Panama City, Florida provide assistance to women who need obstetric and gynecological service who can’t afford a primary care practitioner. For expectant mothers lactating and prenatal services are available. Another resource available to women is provided by the Life Management Center, which assist women who have been subjected to abuse or neglect. They provide shelter, counseling, and support for them to get on their feet without the abuser. As a provider it is our duty to provide this information to a patient who seeks assistance as this can improve the quality of their life (Ruth & Marshall, 2017).


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