unit 3 discussion

unit 3 discussion

Unit 3 Discussion: Healthcare Systems – The Ideal Plan


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One of the most criticized areas in the United States is the healthcare system. Lack of accessibility and affordability are of major concern. Many American’s site the success of universal healthcare in countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom; however, others point out the financial strain, long wait times, and high tax rates associated with Universal Healthcare Plans.

Taking into account all you have learned about healthcare systems, how would you describe an IDEAL healthcare system for the United States? Be realistic. How would it be structured? How would it be funded? How would people qualify for healthcare… would it be automatic upon birth or would people still need to register for service? Would care be totally free or would there be co-payments associated with care? Would preventative care be required to maintain benefits, or would individuals get to choose if and when they went to the doctor? How would you ensure there would be enough providers for the 300 million people in the U.S.? You may wonder how if our politicians cannot get it right, how you can figure it out, but the goal here is to recognize that as healthcare professionals we must work together to create a functioning healthcare system. There is no single system in the world without flaw, but with the common goal of doing what is best, we can set goals and objectives to improve healthcare in the United States.

You may need to do some outside research to refresh your memory on the different healthcare system structures.

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