Paragraph 5- paragraph responding to the discussion bellow.

Paragraph 5- paragraph responding to the discussion bellow.

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.


The aspects that I found most interesting in the readings were the “polarity between the older and newer nursing theories. The older nursing process theories are associated with taxonomies and quantitative measures, whereas the new holistic theories use more qualitative measures and softer phenomena” (Shelly, J., 2006). The revolution in the approach of how we think about nursing and nursing interventions in association to ethical decision making. With the belief that nursing is both a science and an art, the new theories expand upon this concept. The other aspect that is interesting to me is using world views to challenge contemporary ethos by using philosophical clarity, religious sensitivity, and care to open the line of communication in regards to religious dialogue.“While a welcome corrective, it is easy to inadvertently buy into weaker forms of scientism and fail to appreciate the particularity of each religion by reducing all religion to a generic spirituality. For example, Burkhardt (1999) attempts to defend a generic definition of the term “spirituality” (p. 71), but Shelly and Miller (2006) point out the inadequacy of such a strategy. It is not fair or respectful to paint all religions or worldviews with the same brush under the heading of spirituality and ignore the differences” (GCU).


Shelly, J., (2006). Called to care: A Christian worldview for nursing. InterVarsity Press; Downers Grove, IL.

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