Paragraph 6- paragraph responding to the discussion bellow

Paragraph 6- paragraph responding to the discussion bellow

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.


The part of the topic that happened to be so interesting to me is how science and religion/spirituality show some form of relationship between themselves. The belief that human beings were wonderfully created also presents the fact that the body was made in a way that it’s able to heal itself (Manohar, 2015). By studying the systems that are found in the body, you can visualize how it was constructed and designed to live eternally. Therefore, from science, we learn how to increase the speed at which the body heals and also the belief in God gives us the faith that we will heal.

According to the reading analyses is that man is not always destroyed by suffering. What destroys him is a worthless distress. Therefore, this issue poses a great problem to the physicians who try to instil in the suffering people the sense of acceptance whenever they suffer (Role of Spirituality in Health Care). Those who are professionals on medical ethics make us understand that healing is dependent on both science and spirituality which help to restore the body’s health.


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