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The definition of family can be subcategorized in variation including family of origin, nuclear family, single-parent family, blended family, and family of choice. These family structures are made up of complex, diverse and dynamic units (Green, 2018). It is important that the nurse recognizes these non-traditional family structures. Family members no matter who they are made up of, play a huge role in the individual. Although the patient is an individual that is independent in their own thoughts and actions, he or she is also a part of a family system that is heavily influence and impacted by the family unit. Thus, it is important for the nurse to recognize these dynamics and use interventions to help foster a healthy relationship. According to the family systems theory, observing or understanding the complexity and emotions of the family system lends to understanding the individual, also, when a change occurs the person’s actions affect the rest of the family (Green, 2018). With diverse families the dynamics change and it’s important to consider these theories to evaluate patient care.


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