respond 1 (minh Nguyet Nguye)

respond 1 (minh Nguyet Nguye)

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Nurses play a crucial role in healthcare. Nurses as educators play a critical role in improving the nation’s health. Educating individuals is an essential part of the nurse’s role
in schools, communities, homes, and healthcare delivery sites (Flanders, 2018). Health education provides relevant information and facilitates health-related behavior change. Nurses use health education principles to help individuals achieve their health goals. Other strategies that nurse educators can use when developing educational programs include research and knowledge development, community health nursing models, and effective and continuous communication among key stakeholders.


Community health education requires continuous knowledge from research and work experiences. Communication facilitates learning because nurses disseminate health
information to the society. Nurses should use behavioral objectives in health promotion to identify needed changes in the behaviors of the target population (Flanders, 2018). The objectives should be specific and measurable to enable nurses to evaluate the effectiveness of their action plans. They also enable nurses to evaluate the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors of the target population.

Flanders, S. A. (2018). Nurses as Educators. Effective Patient Education: Evidence and Common Sense. MEDSURG Nursing, 27(1), 55–58