Respond 2 (Audrey Vu)

Respond 2 (Audrey Vu)

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A nurse can play a pivotal role in lending a helping hand to people so that they can reach their health goals in a way that is parallel with what they believe their preference in values and the lifestyle the lead. A nurse can help the people delve into personal tests to help determine possible underlying problems that may be brewing and can be a recipe for disaster. Through assisting people to learn about their background, the can come up with detailed feedback on potential dangers since there are diseases that are hereditary.

The nurses can visit different places running campaigns outlining the positives of having a personal health care plan. The advantages listed would be, having a program which specializes in the needs that you need dearly would be enticing and help keep a close eye on one’s struggles (Morton et al., 2009)

The nurses should also be actively dedicated to motivating the people with needs to come out and be counted. This will help keep a lid on the stigma tossed around when patients suffer from certain diseases. This will also improve the self-esteem of the patients and help them find a meaning for living albeit in a well-managed healthy way.

During the health promotion, behavioral objectives should be thrust to the forefront since this acts as a measure of how successful the program was. This should be used in the technical part of the program where the nurses show the people how to do certain drills and expect a result in a given time. For example, in two years’ time, there should be a surge of a given percentage in mammography from women who attended the programs.

Morton, T., Morgan, M. (2009) Examining how personalized care planning can help patients with long-term conditions. Nursing Times: 105: 37, early online publication.