Pipeline Outreach

Pipeline Outreach


For this Assignment, please consider the following scenario: The Dean of your nursing program has come to you with idea for the development of a “pipeline program” in order to increase nursing students from underserved, or underrepresented populations, such as minorities, low income, and women. The Dean has asked you to explore options and strategies for outreach and recruitment programs that would benefit potential students that may not have a full understanding of the benefits of a career in nursing. You will need to write a 3-page paper outlining the type of pipeline program you have selected for development. Please include who your target audience will be, the length of your program, teaching strategies that would apply to meet the needs of the diversity of your student population, and the influences that could increase minority students into healthcare careers. You must support your assignment with four peer-reviewed scholarly sources.

A pipeline program may include job shadowing program that can take place in the local hospital. The length of the pipeline program is a week, but keep in mind that this is a program once developed that could be utilized for many years to come by all healthcare community providers. Job shadowing, how would you structure job shadowing so that there is content with an effective teaching plan, versus just having a potential student “follow someone around”? Would you need to consider access to your program? How will you make the experiences valuable to your potential nursing student? How can a pipeline program help reduce health disparities through social determinants? Please consider how you would recruit students into your selected program and who you would select? Would you need to seek funding? You may reach out to your community health leaders such as acute-care hospitals, and community health clinics as a collaborative effort in developing a pipeline program.

Please be sure to address:

The type of pipeline program you have selected

Who your target audience will be

The length of your program

Three or more teaching strategies that consider the social determinates to learning

Four influences that could increase minority students into healthcare careers

Three to four recruitment measures

“Provides indepth details of selected Pipeline Program to be developed including description of target audience and length of program and provides four peer reviewed scholarly sources”

” Provides description of at least three or more teaching strategies that could meet the needs of the diverse student population

“Providesdescription of four influences that could increase minority students into healthcare careers”

Provides description of 3-4 recruitment measures