Course Project 2

Course Project 2

Please prepare a one (1) to two (2) page reflective analysis paper to explain how you have demonstrated mastery of


legal and ethical standards of healthcare practice in a variety of healthcare settings and situations including HIPAA. Your paper must discuss the coursework from the following courses: (Note: this is NOT a summary of these assignments but instead an application of what you learned from these assignments)

HCA300 Healthcare Administration – Administrator Interview Paper/ or Professional Communications
HCA305 Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration – Case Study Assignments
HCA400 Course Paper: The Role of Health Information Systems (HIS) Professional/ or Implementation of an EHR system.
HCA410 Human Resource Management in Healthcare – Specialty Paper – Healthcare Professional/or Course Project on developing job description through progressive discipline.
HCA310 Healthcare Administration Ethics – Ethics Application Paper/or Ethics Training Course.
The purpose of this paper is to synthesize your learning experiences and demonstrate mastery of this information. Consider primarily your course projects, clinical experiences, and practice when you write your analysis. Your examples from these classes should include your course project. Be sure to explain how the topic is related to your coursework.

Your paper should include an introduction, body containing supporting evidence, and a conclusion. Additionally, discuss how your perceptions and thought process has changed as a result of the coursework. The paper should represent college-level writing and be free of grammatical errors.

Once you have written your reflective analysis, please zip this file along with your course project documents from the courses listed above. Please be sure to submit your course project files from the courses listed above as this is a requirement and points will be deducted from your paper if they are not received. Refer to the Course Project page, located in the Course Information for complete requirements.