Paragraph 4

Paragraph 4

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.


Sample theory was developed to find the most effective way to get data from a selected process, group of people, events, objects, or other elements. The sample selected is a study that should identify a selected population like, insulin dependent diabetics, gastric bypass patients, All total knee orthopedic surgery patients. In most cases it is impossible to get data from every person that has ever received this treatment, so sampling was designed to get the most accurate information to reflect the population as a whole. Some of the key concepts include eligibility criteria, the population, target population, accessible population, and sampling method or plan. One that comes to mind is that we have to summit trauma data to the national trauma data bank, this is where they have criteria points that the chart must meet and from there specific data points for the different types are asked. This is like the time to pain medication for all long bone fractures.


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